Business and IT leaders face a balancing act when planning their digital strategy. While the Cloud is fast becoming the standard deployment model for its flexibility, scalability, reliability and innovation opportunities, it also opens up a series of questions around its potential vulnerabilities. Understandably, trust and transparency are among the top attributes customers look for in Cloud vendors.

SAP Cloud Trust Center

Today SAP announced the launch of the SAP Cloud Trust Center, a public website that offers the transparency our customers need into how we run our Cloud environment. Key features of the Trust Center include:

  • Real-time information on the availability of SAP’s cloud services
  • SAP’s approach to security and data privacy
  • Proof of international standards compliance

In the Digital Economy, Trust is the Ultimate Human Currency

At SAP we understand that customers must trust their cloud providers before they hand over their core businesses. As a leading software provider, we’re dedicated to building – and keeping – our customers’ trust. That’s why we’re constantly improving our cloud solutions by staying ahead of the latest threats, building security into every layer of our cloud offerings, and adapting to the latest compliance standards.

Your Personalized Customer Experience

SAP customers have come to rely on the SAP One Support Launchpad to monitor their incidents and system landscape. We are going one step further, and offering complete visibility of the SAP cloud services running our customers’ business. The SAP Cloud Trust Centre is fully integrated into the SAP One Support Launchpad, where customer have access to:

  • The Cloud Availability Centre
  • Personalized system overview
  • Incident dashboard across all your hybrid landscape

From Empathy to Action

We’ve listened to our customers. Today’s announcements are just the initial steps towards our commitment to greater transparency as a trusted cloud service provider, and towards improving the end-to-end user experience.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the SAP Cloud Trust Center and our Next Generation SAP Support Launchpad. If you are at SAPPHIRENOW 2017, do stop by the Digital Business Campus Demo Stations and ask to see the SAP Cloud Trust Center and the ONE Support Launchpad.

Hala Zeine, SVP and Chief Business Development Officer at SAP

Jacques Pommeraud, SVP Global Customer Success at SAP

Going to SAPPHIRE NOW? Jacques will be talking of SAP’s strategy to deliver Customer Success in the digital enterprise.

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  1. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Please include the links to the relevant websites in the blog. This is Cloud Trust Center, according to Google.

    These are the only numbers I found there:

    Without knowing how many tenants are there, not sure how significant this information is. And “13 hours ago” seems pretty much the opposite of “live”.

    Of course, transparency is important, so this seems like a commendable effort. But in its current form the website is hardly of any value. The rest of information appears to be static and is the usual “read the white paper” or “see how we are helping other customers” fluff that can be found on any other SAP site.

    Not sure if this was just rushed to be announced at SAPPHIRE and is in reality an alpha version. But when making such big announcements I think it’s wise to check if the content is actually there. Or at least delay posting on SCN until there is actual live data. Because, unlike the keynote listeners, the evil SCN members will find a link and then make fun of the website. 🙂



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