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What do we desire out of our workplace?  The chance to grow? A friendly environment? A great team? I’m certain if you took a second to go around the office and ask everyone that same question, it would probably catch most folks off guard.


First, they generally don’t consider those things as something they have the liberty to answer freely on. And second, they all have different needs, making it hard to create a universal policy. However, below we’ve listed out a few tips on how to use SuccessFactors to accomplish that exact goal:


Make Learning Easier and Transparent


Having a sense of what your employees need to know is critical to understanding their needs. This is perhaps one of the biggest things employees miss the mark on with onboarding and training as it provides a level of accountability across the board. By providing a learning system that has everyone on the same page, you can find where errors lie in understanding their desires for what needs improvement. And as every firm wants to increase their employee development efforts, learning is the core to that.


Transparent Way of Receiving Feedback


Getting employees to participate in feedback is hard enough, and for good reasons too. Employees are scared to give feedback on their work environment out of fear of punishment or ridicule/criticism from their peers. This provides a bias that doesn’t always give honest results as they just want to say “things are great!” and move on with their day, even though most actually have genuine notes they want to give.


By providing a system that allows for people to not only participate in feedback programs with a sense of trust, but you also provide a level of transparency to increase a dialogue. This allows you to gauge in real time the needs of your team and makes them less scared to talk with you. Additionally, it’s important to follow-up these conversations in-person in a non-threatening way. Get to know the people you’re working with and what’s going on in their life. Perhaps they’re getting married soon or have a big vacation coming up, which you should encourage and help them plan. As it’s been said many times before, there’s a big difference between a boss and a leader, so choose the path that helps you grow with them.


Bringing on The Help They Need


While it could be costly, finding the right talent either on a temporary or contract basis could be one of the most beneficial things you could do to help improve your employee’s needs. After all, employees that are burnt out are more likely to be unmotivated and unhappy. Even if increased hours means increased pay, people want to live a healthy lifestyle, and if their job is preventing that, then what’s the point?


By using a service that helps recruit and find talent, you can ease the process in onboarding additional support before problems arise. I know many of us look at our firm and try to bootstrap for as long as we can, but it doesn’t take long for the workload to become too much for some folks to handle. Rather than saying “we’ll see what happens when the time comes,” take the preventive steps to ensure that your bases are covered, and your employees have the support they need to succeed.


Help Them Grow


Perhaps one of the biggest goals you should have as a leader is to develop the team around you to be all-stars. This is different than just having HR, but rather an actual talent development system in place to ensure success.


These days it seems as though people are willing to hop from job to job at a much faster rate than previous generations. One of the biggest rationales to this comes to down to two things: 1. People don’t feel like they’re learning or growing enough at their current firm and 2. There’s a lack of direction they see for themselves in the company.
By implementing a program that gauges benchmarks for success both personally and for the company, your employees might feel reinvigorated to give things their all. It also creates a reasonable level of sustainability, so your process doesn’t feel stagnant. And as the goal for any company is to perform their best, you should want your employees at the same level too.

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