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Financial Planning with SAP BoBJ Cloud Part 2-Importing Data

In this blog we will discuss importing data into the model we built in part 1.


BoBJ Cloud allows you to connect and import data from nearly all SAP systems on premise or cloud. This requires installation of the HANA Cloud Connector. For us this was done by the Basis team.

For the purpose of our Financial Planning application that we are building we will load a excel file.

Please download import file for our application from here .


Lets start Importing .

Go to Browse–>Models and select the model you want to import the data into. Then on the right side you will see an Arrow with a close Rectangular bracket which is “Import Data”. Select “Import Data” and then “Import Data from File”.

You will get a Pop-up to select a file.


On selecting the file kept on your desktop.

Notice the difference in the two pictures of the same pop up .The system will automatically detect properties of the file like the “CSV Delimiter” for us here as we are trying to import a flat file.

Press “Import” and then depending on the size of the file it may take from a few seconds to a few minute to finish importing. On completion you will get this screen

The system has identified and mapped some of the fields. You can change the system generated mappings and map then map the ones the system was not able to map for e.g. version, timeMonth in this case.

You need to map the Version to the type of Version like to Actual, Budget, Forecast etc. For us it will be Actuals.


This is how you would map the  field ‘TimeMonth’.

And map the numeric values as Measure.

During model creation while creating the account dimension we differentiated between Income and Liability. So we can let the system handle the different types by adding minus to the liability. So in our file all measures will be +ve .

Go to Model InfoàMapping OptionsàView all options and check “Convert value symbol by Account Type”.


And then finally decide on the import methods whether you want to update existing values (Update), delete everything and reload (clean and replace) or Append (append) to existing records. We will go with “clean and replace”.

Then click on Finish Mapping.

You will get this prompt. Click on Finish,

After a few seconds or minutes you will see a message for Data Successfully Completed.

In my next Blog I will cover creating the story for this Financial Planning Model.





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      Author's profile photo Cesar Berrios
      Cesar Berrios

      Accurate information on how to bring your Fin Plan to the Cloud.

      Amazing Rajeev! Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Rajeev Mishra
      Rajeev Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Cesar.