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SAP API Business Hub: Discover and Consume APIs in SAP Web IDE

SAP API Business Hub is a central catalog of SAP and selected partner APIs to search, discover, test and consume these APIs to build extensions or integrations using the Cloud Platform.


Developer working in Web IDE would be interested in creating an app with rich set of APIs that are listed in SAP API Business Hub.  To simplify the consumption experience, APIs from API Business Hub can be discovered and consumed easily without any additional configuration.

In Web IDE, for any of the listed template, which supports Data Source, SAP API Business Hub appears in Service Catalog and all its OData APIs could be discovered with one click experience.

API Business Hub integration is available with Web IDE Multicloud version in SAP internal, trial and productive landscape.

Steps to consume APIs from SAP API Business Hub

  • First time user, get register by clicking the Register button. Existing SAP community user  click on ‘login’
  •  Navigate and click on  Services in left hand section


  • Search for Web IDE service tile


  • Web IDE Multicloud version is disabled by default. Enable the service and Select the link ‘Go to Service’

  • Once Web IDE is launched, create a new project from template


  • Select ‘SAP Fiori Master Detail Application’ and click Next


  • Provide a project name (eg: SampleApp) and click Next



  • Select “SAP API Business Hub” from Service Catalog drop down.



  • Enter SAP Community user credentials and click on ‘Log in’



  • With valid credentials, OData  APIs from SAP API Business Hub will be listed. Select Next.



  • Select Type as ‘Standalone App’. Fill mandatory fields  and click Finish


  • Once the project is created, next step is to run the project.


  • Right-click the project and click Run as -> Web Application



  • Provide SAP Community user credentials.

  • Fiori app is launched


APIs listed in SAP API Business Hub gets discovered and consumed by following steps as mentioned in the blog. It’s an ongoing journey to delight the end user with the consumption experience and we are committed in this direction. More features and scenarios as and when available will be updated on my blog. Stay tuned!!








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  • Thanks a lot, that got me one step further. I originally tried it in the "normal" Web IDE, but the destination never showed up as a data source. In the "multi-cloud" version it shows up. Do you know the reason for this?

  • This is simply GREAT!

    Thank you very much for sharing…

    To all readers:

    Just remember that to run the SAP Web IDE Multi-Cloud Version you need to:

    • assign the DiDeveloper role to your user account (see


    • go to Security / Trust / Manage Local Provider Settings, click on the Edit button and “Enable” the Principal Propagation (set Principal Propagation to “Enabled”)


  • Hello,

    I am trying to use SAP Leonardo Machine Learning API but they are not in the list.

    Can you please suggest what I can do to consume those API may be in mutli cloud version IDE or UI5 application.

    I am following this blog but I am not successful as of now