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What is Analysis for Office?

SAP Business Objects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office, is a Microsoft Office Add-In that allows multidimensional analysis of OLAP sources. It connects to SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA.
Analysis plug-in includes versions for Microsoft Excel where Analysis for Microsoft Excel is a reporting tool.

CDS View to be consumed by Analysis for Office

Here we will learn through top down approach i.e. understanding the consumption view first and then going down to the interface views consumed in consumption view. After consuming the view, we will learn ways to view the latest data and to change value of input parameters without launching analysis for Office again.

Consumption View

Below is your consumption view Z_C_SFLIGHT_SCARR which is using interface view Z_I_SCARRFLIGHT_DEMO

Interface View(s)

Z_I_SCARRFLIGHT Is Association of two Views Z_I_SCARRDEMO and Z_I_FLIGHTDEMO on carrier ID

Interface view Z_I_FLIGHTDEMO

Interface view Z_I_SCARRDEMO

Steps to consume CDS view in Analysis for Office

Insert a data source (in our case a CDS view) and display the results in Analysis for Office

Skip the Logon to SAP Business Objects BI Platform

Select the system

Search with SQL view name of CDS view

Annotation @Consumption.filter is used to apply filter on the fields of a view. Marking multiple selection as true allows multiple inputs on the field. Also a field can be marked as optional or mandatory using the same annotation.

Refer line number 16 in Fig. 1
Here, @consumption.filter is applied on CarrierId.

Use value help and select Airline AA

Press OK and you will be able to view the data in Analysis for Office

This excel sheet can be saved and provided as a template for the end user. End user can change the input parameter via prompts and view data accordingly.
Also, Refresh All button can be used to view the latest data.

Click on Prompts from Data Source

This simple example demonstrated how easy it is to create user friendly reports using CDS View and its annotations.


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  1. Kenneth Moore

    Hello Priyanka,


    Nice blog!  I tried it, but the CDS view does not show up when I search for it in Analysis for Excel.  Is this a release specific functionality?  Is the system you are working with an R/3 system or a BW system?

    1. Priyanka Sadana Post author

      Hello Kenneth,



      Please check the annotation @VDM.viewtype in your code. Views with view type consumption are visible as source in Analysis for Office.

      The system I am working upon is an S/4 HANA system.


  2. Daniel Klein

    Hello Priyanka,


    thank you for this blog, but please add some info about which ABAP (Netweaver) release you are working on and which Analysis Office version you used.

    It seems you used Netweaver 7.51, as the “@ClientHandling” annotation is only available since this version.


    Thanks and Regards


  3. Birgit Grauvogl

    Hello Priyanka,

    thanks for your blog!

    I followed your steps but couldn’t find the consumption views in the search.

    Are there any more settings requested?


    Thanks and regards,




    1. Priyanka Sadana Post author

      Hi Birgit,


      Please check the annotation

      @VDM.viewType: #CONSUMPTION.

      It should be set to #Consumption to make it visible in the input source in Analysis for Office.




  4. Muruga MuthuKrishnan

    Hi Priyanka,

    I am facing the same issue, Consumption view is not showing up in Analysis office version 2.5. Another interesting issue is when I use case statement in my composite view corresponding measures are not coming in the analysis office. Do you face similar issue??



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