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Understanding why we do what we do is a huge factor in human motivation. If you don’t understand how your employees will react to decisions, or why, then every HR decision you make will feel blind – and many will end up being harmful to your organization. On the other side of the equation, if your employees don’t understand why they’re assigned tasks, or what goals those assignments are building to, then they may be at a loss for why their tasks matter, or be unable to tell busy work from important projects. This leads to all tasks seeming like busy work – which leads to an unhappy workforce, higher turnover and lower productivity.


At SuccessFactors, we understand the importance of offering transparency to your employees, and tracking their needs and feedback closely – as well as the technical difficulties that such a demand can cause, especially when you lack existing infrastructure to do so in a controlled and organized way. That’s why SAP built a cloud solution that manages every aspect of your HR system, so that you can provide an employee experience as positive, productive and inspiring as your customer experience.

Offer More Transparency

According to a recent survey, the most important drivers of employee engagement (and, by proxy, happiness) were:

  • Trust in the leaders of the organization both short and long term
  • Belief that the organization will be successful
  • Trust specifically in the leadership team to lead the company to the aforementioned success


In order to gain the trust of your employees, they’ll need to communicate with each other and with every level of leadership, and have access to information about why decisions are being made and what the short and long-term goals are.


SuccessFactors offers dynamic transparency by offering a portal that does double duty: leadership learns where their employees could know more, from tool training to new product deployment news, and employees get a portal that delivers information about their goals, achievements and progress over time.


Give Benefits That Make A Difference

With an increase in competition for many industries, and more news about employee wellness, it’s likely that your company is feeling the pressure to offer more benefits in addition to the basics. You may be implementing a health incentive program, offering life insurance, or even hiring an in-office masseuse to come every week or so – and with every new benefit, comes more metrics (and costs) to track.


Every extra benefit helps show your employees that you care about their happiness and wellbeing, which means they’ll be more likely to feel loyal to your company, engaged and content. SuccessFactors makes this easier with our Employee Central’s Benefits module, which provides a centralized location for employees to log in and learn about – and in some cases, use – their benefits. For leadership, benefits across the entire organization are kept in order and tracked, and even assigned to specific groups of people. This is especially helpful for multinational and very large businesses – it’s unlikely your employees in Australia and your employees in Brazil have the same benefit needs or desires.

The bottom line is that if you want your employees to be happy, you need to show them you care. The best way to do that is the same way you would do show a single person that you care – by listening to their concerns, treating them with respect, and showing them you care the best way you can. With SuccessFactors, you can have a productive, symbiotic, and strong relationship with every single employee, no matter where they are or how they contribute to your brand.

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