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How to Get an Overview of the Total of Interactions in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

In SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, by leveraging “Custom CDS Views” and “Custom Analytical Queries” applications, you can get an overview of the total interactions in the system aggregated by a specific attribute of the interaction. Here is a step by step guide to achieve this.

In Hybris Marketing Cloud solution, the user, Administrator, with the standard delivered business role “Marketing Administrator” assigned, already has access to the “Custom CDS Views” application. To get access to the “Custom Analytical Queries”, you must assign the Business Catalog “Analytics – Query Design” to the required Business Role.

  1. Open application “Customer CDS Views”.

 2. Create a Custom CDS view.

  • Add “I_Mkt_Interaction” as the primary data source.
  • Select “Yes, as Cube” for Analytical Scenario.

3. Select the required fields. Add a calculated field for example “INTERACTION_COUNT” and set its value to 1.

4. In the “Field Properties” step, set default aggregation as SUM for the calculated field “INTERACTION_COUNT”.


5. Save and preview the data. The calculated fields should have the value as 1 for all rows.


6. Open application “Custom Analytical Queries”

7. Create a new Custom Analytical Query on the above custom CDS view. And then activate and preview the query.

For more information on how to create custom analytical queries for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, please refer to blog –

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  • Facing two issues:

    1. While trying to save as draft: getting error "Field _Mkt_Contact must be included in the selection list together with field I_MKT_INTERACTION.INTERACTIONCONTACT"
    2. In Field properties, dropdown is not appearing:
  • This is exactly what I need!

    But also facing the same error:

    "For non-numeric field InteractionCount no aggregation is possible. Please select None."

    How to solve this?

  • Hello All,

    Thanks for your interests and comments. Currently there is a known issue with the custom CDS view editor which causes the issue of “For non-numeric field InteractionCount no aggregation is possible. Please select None.” that you encountered. Please use this work around.

    After adding the field please save & exit the app without setting the aggregation type. Open the custom cds view app again and edit the view and this time you will be able to set the aggregation.

    • Thanks,

      I meanwhile also found another way:

      on the Custom Analytical Query screen, you can also add a field, an you can choose "add counter" in reference to the Interaction.