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SAP Business Client 6.5

What’s New:

Visual theme SAP Belize

SAP Business Client 6.5 runs in the new visual theme, SAP Belize*, providing visual integration with the next generation of SAP Fiori launchpad and SAP Fiori visual theme for classic applications such as Web Dynpro ABAP and Floorplan Manager, and SAP GUI for Windows.


See also our documentation (SAP Business Client 6.5): Specifying a Theme for Shell and Canvas => How do I Consistently Apply SAP Belize?; How do I Consistently Apply SAP Blue Crystal?; How do I Consistently Apply SAP Corbu?

*Available for S/4HANA 1610 or higher application backends and frontend server with SAP_UI 3.0 or higher.

Enhanced browser integration

The MS WebBrowser control (“IE control”) is now running “out-of-process”, providing a faster and more stable browsing experience. Additionally, there is a new browser developer tool for the MS WebBrowser control, allowing a better analysis of HTML5 and JavaScript-based applications.




SAP Note 2446515: Requirements and Restrictions

Note 2455699: SAP Patches and release dates


SAP Business Client 6.5 Set Up

SAP Business Client Guide

Product Page

More Screenshots


The customer roadmap is publicly available here:

SAP UI Technology Roadmap


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  1. Joachim Rees

    Hey Sandra,

    great news, thanks!

    Please note that your download-link seems to be broken, it currently links to xxx

    Edit: That’s a great pity, as I seem not to be able to fint it myselfe 🙁



    Also, the “SAP Business Client (SAP BC) Community” only has “the old stuff”:

    (Another note regarding that page: The Link “Download SAP BC 6.0” does not at all seem to bringt me close to a downlaod!? I end up at )





    1. Sandra Thimme Post author

      Hi Joachim, the link is fixed. And 6.5 ready to download: 

      The community update will take it’s time…



      1. Joachim Rees

        Hey Sandra,

        the link looks better now, but for me it only shows NWBC 5 and BC6! 🙁

        Searching for the Download as in your Screenshot doesn’t work for me either (0 results) 🙁

        Maybe an internal/external thing?


        Still I got it working here’s what I did:

        Search SAP ONE Support Launchpad-Download for “SAP GUI 7.50” (Don’t use “SapGui 750”, it find’s nothing!) and you’ll get the BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._1 (~1GB) which includes SapGui750, BC6 and other Stuff you might or might not need! 🙂




        1. Sandra Thimme Post author

          Hi Joachim, could you ask Former Member how he managed the download? He is external as well. I do not have the external view. And the colleagues from support portal keep telling me everything is fine.



  2. Christian Guenter

    Hi Sandra,

    I installed SAP BC 6.50 and SAPGui 7.50. Unfortunately I’m not able to switch to Belize theme in SAPGui.

    Shouldn’t it be available there?


    Regards Christian

    1. Claudia Binder

      Hi Christian,

      In the SAP GUI options, Belize can be switched on by checking “Accept Fiori visual theme”.

      Please note that SAP GUI will fall back to Blue Crystal in case you log on to a non S/4HANA 1610 system.



      1. Christian Guenter

        Hi Claudia,

        thanks for you reply.

        In my case the ‘Accept Fiori visual theme’ checkbox is checked, but Belize theme doesn’t show up in the ‘Theme’ dropdown.

        Any other suggestions?

        Regards Christian

        P.s. I tried hard to upload another screenshot, but it seems that’s not possible at the moment

        1. Suhas Saha

          Hi Christian,

          As per the F1 help documentation the “Fiori” visual theme is only relevant for an S4 HANA system with activated support for this theme. For other back-end systems the option is not relevant.

          I guess yours isn’t an S4 HANA system.

          BR, Suhas


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