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Currency/Unit Conversion in C4C Reports

You must have seen following fields on selection screen of standard reports and wondered how do I get these in my reports.

Many SAP standard reports like Opportunity Analysis has key figures where concurrency conversion is in-built. The question many people ask is how do I have currency conversion in my custom reports and why don’t I get option to add ‘Display Currency’ and ‘Display Currency Conversion Date’ in my reports.

The solution is simple!

You need to create a calculated key figure and maintain currency conversion property. Here is an example:

In Opportunities, you have Expected Value in transaction currency. Now if you want to convert this value to reporting currency you need to follow the steps below:

  • Create a Calculated Key Figure as below:

  • In the properties tab, make following settings

  • Now add this new Key figure in your report

Any report that will have this calculated key figure will automatically add ‘Display Currency’ and ‘Display Currency Conversion Date’ for selection.

Similarly, you can make the setting for Unit conversion as below:

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