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SLN Spotlight_SAP Labs in France: When the French police forces rethink their Analytics tools with SAP Labs in France

Since 2013 the Gendarmerie Nationale (one of the two French national police forces) has undertaken a major renovation of all their decision-making tools, leveraging Business Intelligence (BI), Predictive Analytics and SAP HANA. Beyond the technical challenge, they mainly faced a concrete functional challenge: the objective to offer decision-makers with the tools that enable them to optimize their resources whether they are logistic, human, or material. The goal is also to encourage the end-users to think differently about the use of data, as they have available a huge amount of data until now under-exploited. Big data is also a reality within the French police!

Now part of the French Ministry of Interior, the Gendarmerie Nationale needed to refine their information systems to provide the Ministry with figures at a central level and more specifically, statistics that are indisputable. From that moment, the decision was made to release BI4 and to create a platform accessible to all police officers. In April 2015, the deployment of BI4.1 has been released with 100,000 users registered in SAP Web Intelligence (WebI).




For the BI part, a unique tool that is the same for all users, centralized and modern has been consolidated. That important transformation was made possible thanks to the SAP strategic vision of product integration. It now offers the Gendarmerie visual renderings, especially through a Galigeo integrated product in WebI, along with great processing performance.



Scores of car-related thefts (dark color = highest score)


In parallel to this pure BI project, several specific projects are based on Predictive Analytics. Indeed, the crime prediction and the anticipation of the resources required, remain the important focus areas. Additionally, the Gendarmerie intends to leverage social media to track its e-reputation through sentiment analysis. Some examples of current projects are:

  • Visualization of Police activity tracking
  • Optimization of the vehicle allocation
  • Anticipation of crime evolution
  • Prediction of car thefts
  • Forecasting of the early departures for military and civilian employees
  • Sentiment Analysis for e-reputation


Activity of the patrols


Per the customer, all this work happens through a frank dialog with SAP teams, the development teams, and the support of USF (French SAP User Group). Interactions and the possibility to influence future developments is a must in the collaboration between SAP and its customers. This has been highlighted by the Gendarmerie Nationale, especially during their testimony at the latest SAP TechED event which took place on Nov 8-10 in Barcelona.

Discussing the new user interface of the Predictive Factory, Lieutenant-Colonel Vincent mentioned the right direction taken by SAP with Fiori, and welcomed the proximity with the engineering teams. The involved staff at the Gendarmerie are in direct touch with developers, and this communication channel is highly appreciated. It is a great chance for the customer as well for SAP to be so closely involved in the development cycle.

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      Benedict Venmani Felix

      Hi Gwendoline,

      Interesting read, thank you. Can you please re-post the images? I am not able to view them.