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Restore SingleDB on 122.08 to Multi Tenant DB on HANA 2.0 SPS01

Hi All,

Just tested recover a single Database to Multi Tenant Database without the need to convert them to MDC beforehand with below scenario and thought it is a good idea to share.

This enhancement only work on target >= HANA 2.0 SPS01 and is particularly useful where it keeps your source/ productive database intact and allows you to to perform a series of testing before converting them to MDC, especially if you plan to upgrade to HANA 2.0 SPS01 since MDC would be the standard and only operation mode.


HANA revision: 122.08 (HANA Platform Ed 1.0)


Mode: SingleDB



HANA Revision: 2.00.010 (HANA 2.0 SPS01)


Mode: MultiDB (MDC)



Restore the backup taken from NC2 (singleDB) to tenant NC2_MULTIDB@NC1

i. Backup source singleDB NC2 on HANA platform Ed 1 – SPS122.08

3 HANA services were backup.

ii. Once backup completed, in HANA 2.0 SPS01, you can either restore the backup taken directly to the available tenant or to a newly created tenant.

In below, the singleDB will restore to tenant NC2_MULTIDB on NC1 on HANA 2.0 SPS01

Restore using the backup taken on SingleDB on SPS122.08

If you noticed, only 2 services – indexserver and xsengine were restored. 

iii. Once recovery completed, you’ll need to re-enter the NC2 SYSTEM user password into tenant NC2_MULTIDB@NC1 in HANA Studio as source password was overwritten from restore.

And now your singleDB is restored to a tenant in MDC without the need to convert them to MDC beforehand.


I’ve tested and it works perfectly on source revision 122.07 and 122.08 and assume it should work on SPS12. For revision <=SPS11, further testing will be needed.


Hope it helps,



Nicholas Chang


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  • Thanks Nicholas,

    I helped me resolving upgrading and migrating database from Hana 1.0 revision 122.06 to Hana 2.0 SP02 just in one step procedure.




  • Yes I tested with HANA 1.0 SP12 ( to HANA 2.0 SP02 (  and it works fine

    Restored single db backup to MDC Hana 2.0 works fine. However I did not find any note about this approach.





  • Hello,


    Is there any official SAP note to recover a multi tenant from a single tenant DB?

    I remember seeing notes which says backup and recovery is not possible from single to multitenant.




  • Great Blog, thanks!

    According to the Blog and Comments.

    The min. requirement for this SDC restore to MDC tenantDB is:

    Source revision: >=

    Target revision:   >=

    If someone tested further, please update here.



    • Hi,

      We had performed this  without any problems.

      Source revision: >=

      Target revision: >=



      Nicholas Chang

  • Hi Nicholas Chang

    We have installed HANA 2.0 SP03 on scale out . And we are planing to do  restore HANA 1.0 SPS1 system to HANA 2.0 SP03.


    Source system is having 4 nodes ( 4 index servers+1 xs engine+1 name server)

    Target System is with 3 nodes. (3 Index Severs+1 xs engine )

    So I need to build 1 additional index server and 1 name server.

    As per the note 2093572 we need to match the services before we start with the restore process.

    As we already had a nameserver on System DB, do we need to create additional nameserver on tenant DB?



  • Hi Nicholas Chang


    Thanks for the reply, Yes I have seen system guide and we will have one SYSTEMDB DB for scale out.

    My question is as per the note 2093572 we need to match the number of services before we start with the restore process. So my source system is having 4 nodes ( 4 index servers+1 xs engine+1 name server).

    In order to match same number of reservices as source do I need to create additional name server on tenanat DB or as we have already have name server on systemdb,so we no need to do it ?




  • I believe it would be fine as long as there’s 4 indexservers and 1 xsengine on your tenantDB. Nameserver will run on SYSTEMDB, you don;t need nameserver to tenanddb.



    Great Information, thanks for the information.  After reading this Blog, our team has done this type of recovery numerous times from Single Container HANA 1.0 SPS12  (122.16) to MDC HANA 2.0 SPS02 ( DB Instances.

    However, we’ve hit one issue that we haven’t found a solution for yet.  Hopefully, you can assist.

    What we have found is that after the recovery of the Single Container HANA 1.0 SPS12 (122.16) Database into a Tenant of the HANA 2.0 SPS02 the auto_content Delivery Units in the Tenant are still the HANA 1.0 version!!!

    The DB never re-deploys the HANA 2.0 auto_content into the Tenant Database.  I’ve added to this comment two screenshots of queries I’ve written against the _sys_repo.active_object table in both the SYSTEMDB, and on of the Tenant DB’s (i.e. NRP).  As you can see by the screenshot, the SYSTEMDB versions of the auto_content Delivery Units are newer versions.  While the versions of the Tenant are old HANA 1.0 version.


    We’ve tried numerous things:

    “Bouncing the entire DB Instance” – Thinking that some internal process will check the tenant Delivery Unit versions and kick off a process to re-deploy them – This was not the case, this did nothing.

    “Tried to run hdbupdrep at the OS Level” – All it does is check the Delivery Unit Versions of the DU’s in the SYSTEMDB, since they are the correct versions it just stops and does nothing.  We’ve investigated the hdbupdrep command options and found no parameter to allow the specification of a Tenant DB.

    Can you provide any insight into how to get the auto_content upgraded after the recovery completes?



    • Hi  Matt,

      Interesting, the delivery unit might need to manually update on its tenant, thru HANA studio.

      It would be great if we can hear from SAP support. Do you raise a message to them?


      Nicholas Chang


  • Hi Chang,

    Good to know about this and same has been quoted in OSS 2653155 – Using backup and restore to upgrade HANA 1.0 to HANA 2.0. i would like to know if i can copy HANA 1.0 SPS12 ( to latest HANA 2.0 SP 6 as per this blog. Have you done testing with SP 6 ? do we have any OSS note which tells HANA 2.0 SP xx recovery compatibility from single container HANA 1.0 ?



  • Thanks Chang, appreciate your quick response. In my scenario, source is HANA 1.0 SP12 with 3 nodes and the target / new hardware will be having 5 nodes on HANA 2,0. will recovery still work ? or should i keep those extra 2 nodes down and do the restore first and then bring them up ?

    • Hi RAGHU,

      Please do a search on sap note, where there are few that guide you how to backup and restore to different number of servers and HANA services.


  • Hi Dmitry,


    The delivery unit is not updated is probably due to the objects inside the delivery unit is locked.. you can try to update them after release those change request


  • Thanks for the blog, its really helpful 🙂

    As i was looking more , we have below requirement for which i need to know your views –

    1. Our source DB is scale out with 3+1 (Standby) single container and we are on V122.17.
    2. We are planning to stand up new Scale out DB cluster with same number of nodes of DB V2.037 or latest.
    3. As we want data we are thinking of doing backup-recovery of Source DB V122.17 to Target DB V2.03+, want to know if it’s possible or not?
    4. Per # 44, on this note-, it seems we can do, but want to know, as there is change in metadata layout with respect to HANA 1.* to HANA 2.*, is it possible or not?
    5. Also want more clarification reg below points as mentioned in note # ? pls  read section -‘Migration towards an ‘SAP HANA tenant database system’
  • I am able to meet the minimum requirements, but when i try to do the same via SAP HANA Studio i just get a white screen within few seconds that says recovery summary, but it is empty,  iam trying to understand what exactly am i missing.