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Whether you got the server-only SAP HANA, express edition, instance from the launcher at the Google Cloud Platform, downloaded the virtual machine or installed the binaries manually,  you might have noticed the “XS Engine is up and running” splashscreen is there but the rest of the XS Classic features are not.

If you are still getting ready to get started with XS Advanced, the good news is that you can easily enable XS Classic in your HXE instance because the packages are there and available for installation.This of course applies to versions 2.0 SP00 and SP01 of SAP HANA, express edition and will translate to your instance eating up more resources.

First, you need to run hdbuprep aiming the the proper content directory, where <<HXE_SID>> stands for HXE (or whatever System ID you are using). As root, in a console in the operating system:

/hana/shared/<<HXE_SID>>/global/hdb/install/bin/hdbupdrep --content_directory=/hana/shared/<<HXE_SID>>/global/hdb/auto_content
/hana/shared/<<HXE_SID>>/global/hdb/install/bin/hdbupdrep --content_directory=/hana/shared/<<HXE_SID>>/global/hdb/auto_content/systemdb

You will be prompted for SYSTEM’s password twice (once per command) before the installation finishes:

Then, enable statistics server (replace XX with your instance number, which will probably be 90 or 00):

sudo su - hxeadm
hdbsql -i XX -n localhost:3XX13 -u SYSTEM -p <SYSTEM user password> "alter system alter configuration('nameserver.ini','SYSTEM') SET ('statisticsserver','active') = 'true' with reconfigure"

While you are still in the SQL prompt, add the proper roles to SYSTEM and change the webdispatcher config:

CALL GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE ('sap.hana.ide.roles::EditorDeveloper','SYSTEM');
CALL GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE ('sap.hana.ide.roles::CatalogDeveloper','SYSTEM');
CALL GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE ('sap.hana.ide.roles::SecurityAdmin','SYSTEM');
CALL GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE ('sap.hana.ide.roles::TraceViewer','SYSTEM');
ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('webdispatcher.ini', 'system') SET('profile', 'wdisp/system_auto_configuration') = 'true' WITH RECONFIGURE;

The Web-based Development Workbench should now be at http://hostname:80XX/sap/hana/ide/ .

As usual, happy coding and see you on or on LinkedIn !

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  1. Srini Sathyamurthy

    When I run the Enable Statistics server I get an error – * 10: authentication failed SQLSTATE: 28000

    However, I’m able to login with the SYSTEM User using the HANA studio. I tried to run the command with both 30015 and 30013.

    Any help to resolve the error is appreciated.

    1. Lucia Subatin Post author

      Chances are the password contains some special characters and should be between quotes. Try logging in first, without the password, and then issue the command (replacing accordingly):

      hdbsql -i XX -n localhost:3XX13 -u SYSTEM

      <<it will ask for the password>>

      Then copy and paste the alter statement.

      You can also try activating the statistics server from HANA Studio (in the Admin menu, config tab, under nameserver.ini). If the problem continues, please create a question in the Q&A so that more people can help you and some others can solve the same problem if they encounter it.



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