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The success of HR strategy largely depends on effective people management.

Good leadership and management are crucial for organizational success.

HR is not only about payroll management but the most important aspect lies in finding, attracting and retaining the best in the industry.

Managing people is one of the most difficult aspects of HR functions. Today’s HR workforce needs to have access to high level HR analytics in order to deliver business strategy alignment and maximum people performance.

The Bottlenecks of Effective HR Management

  • Simplification of core HR administration.
  • Gaining a better understanding of people, workplace conditions and performance monitoring.
  • Attracting and retaining the right talent.
  • Workforce scheduling, time tracking and absence management.
  • Understanding of one of the core newer metrics like the “revenue per employee” (RPE) and comparison of RPE with that of the competitors. It is one of the benchmarks of billion dollar companies.
  • Promoting a user friendly and collaborative work environment.
  • Successful implementations of HR policies such as appraisals and team briefings.

Products like SAP HCM and People HR software are great choices for automating most of the basic HR processes.

Imperative for Organizational Development (OD) is Getting Stronger

Organizational development is at the core of HR where an organization can be defined as “two or more people moving towards a common goal”. OD involves changes in people, process and technology. The core elements of OD are goal settings, employee development, restructuring and change management.

If organizations are ready to change then the manner in which they are led and managed must also change. Here are some of the desired outcomes of OD:

  • Incorporation of new technologies for positive change.
  • Improvement in the approach of problem solving.
  • Supporting the adaption to change.
  • Strengthening the existing systems and processes.
  • Implementing cultural change at the organizational level.

The Automation of HR Systems

For effective management of employee records and optimizing the existing hiring practices, the automation of HR systems is an absolute necessity. Here are some of the advantages on offer:

Elimination of paper records – The need for large storage areas is automatically eliminated when the organization opts for an automated HR solution.  

Better Organization and Recalling of Information – When all the data is stored in cloud then it becomes easier to fetch the information irrespective of time and place.

Elimination of inconsistencies when sharing information – When the data is streamlined, the information becomes accessible with just a click. Important information can be shared by the managers with the entire organization in an easier manner.

Optimizing Decision Making – With big data reporting and presence of multi channel analytics, it becomes untroublesome for managers to take effective decisions. It helps in the acquisition of right talent and the overall productivity of the organization is enhanced.

The HR data should be available at the fingertips. It must be accessible as and when required. It is absolutely crucial to make informed decisions about new candidates as every position in the company is important.

Fast and easy access to a comprehensive HR database will help to eliminate the major bottlenecks as described above and promote productivity across all levels of the organization.


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