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Author's profile photo Vijay Venkataraman

Cost Object Controlling Integration – SAP RAR1.2

Hi All

In this blog I will explain about the simple steps needed to integrate SAP RAR 1.2 with Cost object Controlling.


Step 1 – Implement the note 2242051

Step 2 – Maintain Table V_TKKA_RR_AC

Step 3 – Maintain Table V_TKKA_RR_ME

Step 4- If you choose POC Based integration then you have make changes to the RA key setting in OKG4. Change the RA Category to ‘R’ so that this will not be considered in RA for Revenue.


Step1 – The note 2242051  is a prerequisite for the integration. This will bring in new objects into the system. Also introduces the new RA category ‘R’ which we need to configure in the Line id in Step 4.

Note: Manual activity in the note is there to run a report after you implement also.

Step 2 – In this step we will define the Integration on the controlling area level and define which Currency we will need to consider.

Step 3 – In this step we will define which RA key and Version we are integrating with SAP RAR1.2. Keep in mind that when you use POC based integration (1) then the RA key must be of type % also.

Step 4 – OKG4 setting is needed to exclude the revenue posting that will happen during Settlement run. Your planned revenue will also not appear if you set the RA category in line id REV to  ‘R’ since RAR will take care of the Revenue and settlement will only take care of the Costs. But the COPA posting will happen for both Revenue and cost during Settlement run.

Step 5 – Related notes that you might need to implement if things don’t work.

1951164 WIP in parallel COGM valuation for orders
2289833 Error message KI249 for revenue realization
2341694 POC is not written in Revenue Accounting
2343085 Error KJ421 when transferring revenues to results analysis
2343898 KJ 851 is issued without reasons
2384654 POC is not transferred to Revenue Accounting in some special
2391711 PoC not forward to Revenue Accounting
2395667 Revenue Adjustment updated with business transaction KABG
2399224 PoC not forward to RAR


Let me know your feedback and comments.



Vijay V

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      Author's profile photo Krishna Raj Pattath Sankaran
      Krishna Raj Pattath Sankaran

      Hi Vijay,


      This is very helpful. Have a question, once you save KKA2 do you expect to see the POC% in RAR contract populated or does it need the RAR 3 posting steps to be done for it?




      Author's profile photo Vijaymanikandan Venkataraman
      Vijaymanikandan Venkataraman

      Hi Krishna

      The POC % will reflect in the RAR contract once u save RA. How ever the posting job is needed to get rhe RAR posting tocG/L.



      Vijay V

      Author's profile photo Krishna Raj Pattath Sankaran
      Krishna Raj Pattath Sankaran

      Hi Vijay,

      Thanks for your response. When using RA method 03- Cost base PoC , the poc is displayed runtime in KKA2 and not saved in any tables i think. In that case does the PoC % gets saved on the RAR contract or Performance obligation?

      Also, would the Fulfillment type be PoC and Event type = Manual? I am not seeing the PoC update in RAR contract. Need to double check the notes you mentioned but they look up-to date with our patch level. Appreciate any insights you may have.

      Best regards,