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What’s new in 1705 – SAP Cloud for Customer : Offline Pricing

The core objective in field sales is to get an order from the customer, and ordering revolves around the best prices offered. Pricing being an important ingredient for business processes, we introduced capabilities to calculate price while you do your business offline!

Until 1702 we offered simple offline pricing in sales order. These prices were based on Customer, Sales Area and Product.

With the 1705 release, we have delivered a new pricing engine. The new offline pricing engine support price determination based on pricing procedure with condition types supporting access sequences.

The good news is that you do not have to define the pricing procedure and further price customizations details all over again in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer -. We have built a tool which allows you to transfer your pricing procedure from SAP ERP with the supported condition types and use it when placing orders in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

We are delivering the feature in phases. Therefore, to enable the feature you need to raise a message in the component: LOD-CRM-PRC


1.  Step involved in the Setup


A.     Pricing Customisation from SAP ERP to C4C

Using the pre-delivered report program, you can download the pricing procedure along with the step, condition types and corresponding access sequences into an excel worksheet.

Upload the excel to C4C. This creates the corresponding Pricing Procedure, condition types, access sequence and condition tables in C4C moving the pricing customisation to C4C. You can check the data in the ‘Offline Pricing using External Pricing’ fine tuning activity.






B.    Price Master Data Exchange from SAP ERP to C4C

Along with our ERP integration add-on we have provided a report ‘RCOD_CONDITIONS_EXTRACT’  to trigger the exchange of price master data from ERP to C4C. This moves the prices stored in the condition table for the selected pricing procedure to C4C. As of 1705, we support five key combinations in the condition table, which is planned to be enhanced in future.



C.     Pricing Procedure Determination for Document Types

To simplify things, we have provided you with the flexibility to define rules for pricing procedure determination, for transaction types. The rules can be defined for sales area and documents types combinations to initiate the appropriate pricing procedure determination.



D.     Offline download of pricing relevant data

As a last step of setup, we need to assign the authorisation such that the pricing data is downloaded for offline usage. In the Offline settings under data download rules the Price Master data WorkCentre needs to be assigned. With this authorisation, offline pricing shall be enabled for the given user role.





Sales order and offline pricing

User now can synchronise their device and go offline. In offline mode when they create new sales orders they can use the action “Estimate price” to get the prices determined offline and see the price breakdown based on the condition types defined in the relevant pricing procedure.

The fields that are supported from Sales Order for defining the condition tables are:

  • Sales organization
  • Distribution Channel
  • Division
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Incoterms
  • Incoterm Location
  • Payment terms
  • Order type
  • Document Currency
  • Customer Group of Sold-to-party
  • Country of Sold-to-party

We also allow the manual condition for  absolute and percentage discounts.


A few limitations as of 1705: Currency conversion, Quantity conversion, Exclusion processing, User exits, Data field in condition table, Structure conditions, Tax calculation

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      Author's profile photo Varkey George
      Varkey George

      Dear Mishra,

      Thanks for the blog.

      Hope 1705 will sync with SAP CRM / ERP once the user returns within the Net range.

      Another point is Customer specific Rates & discounts on slab basis would also be taken care of in the Offline pricing calculations.

      Author's profile photo Swarna Mishra
      Swarna Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Georg,


      Yes we do support scales for price determination. Currently we only support pricing download from ERP.

      Author's profile photo Thierry Crifasi
      Thierry Crifasi

      Is this offline pricing also available for S/4HANA integration? If not when will it be available?

      Author's profile photo Swarna Mishra
      Swarna Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Crifasi,

      currently it is not available for S/4HANA, but we it is in our near future backlog.

      Author's profile photo DSC GmbH
      DSC GmbH

      please delete Entry


      Author's profile photo Constantin F.
      Constantin F.

      Dear Mishra,


      it is still not available for S/4 HANA?

      We need the external pricing for the Utility Sales Quote.


      Kind Regards.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Mishra,

      Thanks a lot for the blog.

      May I know if this solution is valid also for sales quotations or it can be applied only for sales orders?

      I need to determined an automatic discount for sales quotations offline.

      Thanks in advance

      Kind regards



      Author's profile photo Swarna Mishra
      Swarna Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Fabia,


      Yes offline pricing would work for Sales order and Sales quotes.




      Author's profile photo Ciro Bastos Zanata
      Ciro Bastos Zanata



      I'm trying to use the functionality on a client. What should I do with fields that are not supported by the mapping? Should I delete them from the spreadsheet? Map to any field? If you leave the fields without mapping, a missing mapping error is displayed.

      Any idea?


      ciro zanata


      Author's profile photo Swarna Mishra
      Swarna Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Ciro Zanata,

      You can delete the unsupported field's access sequence, Table and use the same XLS to upload to C4C.

      Alternatively with 1802 we have delivered a new report which works like a guided procedure and helps you to select what access sequence, what condition types to be carried over to the xls.

      Author's profile photo Elena Troanca
      Elena Troanca

      Dear Swarna,

      We have tried to delete the unsupported fields corresponding to specific access sequence and the pricing procedure customization is failed with the issue 'Mapping missing for fields corresponding to access requence XXX.'.

      How can we identify which field in the file is not mapped for Offline Pricing? The error is not that intuitive. Is there planned any improvement with the next release?

      Also, could you please let us know where we could find the guided procedure report?

      Thanks a lot,


      Author's profile photo chandrakant kulkarni
      chandrakant kulkarni

      Hi Mishra

      Thank you for such a wonderful blog. I am facing some issue with the Estimate Price button option. Below is the configuration and issue I am facing. Appreciate if you could help me in this.


      I am implementing Offline ordering process for internal pricing. Below are the configurations done

      1) Enabled the Sales order and pricing for the business role for which i am trying to create an offline order

      2) Enabled the offline order option in scoping. Under General industry solution > products and service > sales pricing

      Issue: when i try to create an order from the Android app in offline mode, I am able to add the customer, add the products and able to save the order. However, when i try clicking on Estimate price, the prices of the products are not being getting populated. This is behaving similar in both at item level and also at the order header level.

      Further, when i go online and sync and open the order, the pricing data is updated.

      Is this the standard behaviour? Is estimate price only for External pricing? or is it for internal pricing as well?

      If it is only for External pricing, then are the prices populated for the products in offline mode with intenral pricing?

      Author's profile photo Swarna Mishra
      Swarna Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Chandrakant,

      We support offline pricing only for external pricing documents. It is still not supported for internal pricing option.