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Proxy to Web Service Synchronous Scenario SAP PI

The main & primary objective of sharing this post is “Proxy to Web service wrong scenarios available on  SCN “…

I have gone from so much difficulties while making this scenario that’s why i am sharing this blog.


Proxy to Web Service Synchronous Scenario.

(Blue Dart AWB No Generation)

This Steps to be done in Enterprise Service Builder.

Step [1] Create Namespace.

Step [2] Create External Definition for Web Service.

Step [3] Create 2 Data type for Request & Response.

3.1 Data type for Request Message.


3.2 Data type for Response Message.

Step [4] Create 2 Message type for Request & Response.

4.1 Message type for Request .

4.2 Message type for Response.


Step [5] Create 2 Service Interfaces.

5.1 Service Interface for Proxy.

5.2 Service Interface for Web service.


Step [6] Create 2 Messages Mapping for Request & Response.

6.1 Message Mapping For Request. 

6.2 Message Mapping For Response.


Step [7] Create Operation Mapping.

This Steps to be done Integration Builder.

Step [8] Create Folder First. Then, Create Business Component for Receiver.

 8.1 Business Component for SOAP Receiver.



Step [9] Create Communication Channel for Web Service.


Step [10] Create Receiver Determination.

 Step [11] Create Interface Determination.

Step [12] Create Receiver Agreement.


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  • Hi Kunal,

    I followed the steps as mentioned in your blog, but I am getting a blank response from the SOAP call.

    My Scenario : I am able to make the call to the webservice method and the further steps are being carried out in the target system .But when it comes to the response , I do not see any response in SAP PO and the message gets cancelled due to mapping failure in PI response mapping " Cannot create target element /ns1:TrackWithShipmentResp_ECC. Values missing in queue context. Target XSD requires a value for this element, but the target-field mapping does not create one. Check whether the XML instance is valid for the source XSD, and whether the target-field mapping fulfils the requirement of the target XSD"

    When the WSDL is tested in SOAP UI we are getting response ,but from PI the same thing does not work.

    Any suggestions?



  • Hi Alok,

    were you able to resolve the issue?

    If not then check below and let us know if you have any concern.

    As per your comment, it is clear that there is mapping issue (related to context) for response mapping. So you take the response payload (or any dummy payload), check and update mapping accordingly.

  • Hi Alok,

    This is a very common error. I have also faced same kind of error. Just map your two MTs in response mapping with 'mapwithdefault' function. Hope your issue will be resolved.