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EP: Portal Activity Report – Configuration Issues & Checks


In a business environment which utilizes the Enterprise Portal (EP) as a central platform as we know the number of users can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the business setup.

With the EP offering users a single point of access to information, documents, enterprise applications, processes and services both inside and outside of an organization its understandably easy for a simple environment to become complex quite quickly in terms of a high level perspective. In short the Portal provides access to business processes and information, social collaboration and content management across various consumption channels. Also with the ever-growing number of mobile phone business users the Portal needs to be maintained in an optimal an efficient manner.

The Portal Activity Report

The Portal Activity Report is a dedicated statistical based tool for the Enterprise Portal (EP). The underlying functionality of the Portal Activity Report is focused upon gathering information pertaining to Portal visitors and thepages/iViews viewed during the user sessions of such visitors.

This information is contained with a dedicated iView through which fundamental reports can be generated based upon the Portal’s activity. Such data (contained within the report iView) is aggregated generated within predefined report types.

FAQ’s – Portal Activity Report Functionality

Common Issues & Documented Fixes

In my experience I’ve come across different problematic scenarios surrounding the Activity Report and its utilization within the Enterprise Portal. On most occasions issues arise due to invalid configurations and discrepancies within the Report itself.

Depending on the issue being encountered there are different avenues of resolution to follow.

If you have configured the report to achieve statistical data such as page hits and user monitors and nothing is appearing, the most likely cause is incorrect configurations.

The recommended means of investigation here would be to review Portal Activity Report configuration settings.

From here you can check the “Page Properties” and run the report again to see if data is returned.

On occasion it can take time for the data to become aggregated and subsequently displayed to end users. For example from the perspective of the WCR by definition the WCR services write reporting data to the database once per hour.

Monitor Key Pages of Interest

If you wish to monitor a certain core application iView or simply a page of interest this is indeed a feasible notion and can be achieved quite simply once the correct parameter settings are maintained. In order for such results to be firstly captured and then aggregated within the Portal Activity Report you need to ensure the following:

  • The page is assigned to a role as opposed to being classified as a unit or sub-unit within the report.
  • You can view this by opening the role and viewing the iviews/pages currently assigned to it
  • Right click on the role to add it to the Report Listing
  • Then subsequently assigned the role to the Activity Report itself.

In summary iViews which need to be monitored need to be assigned to a role and then subsequently to the report itself.

Monitor User Hits

If you are using a configured Activity Report in the Enterprise Portal (EP) to gather and report findings on all of the pages that have been visited you may want to include page hits as a metric in the report listing.

  1. Navigate to the Service Configuration Editor.
  2. From the top-level navigation, choose System Administration -> System Configuration.
  3. In the detailed navigation, choose Service Configuration. The Service Configuration Editor is displayed.
  4. Open the configuration page for the data collection service.
  5. In the Portal Catalog, navigate to Applications > -> Services -> ActivityReport.
  6. Go to “Customer Activity Reports” -> “Daily Activity Report by Page”.

Known Issues & Core Reference Documentation

  • SAP Note: 1690023 – Portal Activity Report – Component-specific Note
  • SAP Note: 1084379 – Portal Activity Report – Latest Version (SDA file)
  • SAP KBA: 1693822 – how to check if you are on the latest SAP Activity Reports support package level or if the package (SDA) has been applied successfully.
  • SAP Note: 998653 – Central Note for the Portal Activity Report (includes several fixes regarding the Portal Activity Report)
  • SAP KBA: 1748313 – Portal Activity Report iView not showing data
  • SAP Note: 1959883 – Portal Activity Report does not aggregate for few hours although activated and there is some activity in the portal
  • SAP Note: 1251041 – Activity Data Collector stops generating files
  • Monitoring Technology and Logging:
  • Performance recommendations for the Portal Activity Report:

Activity Report issues are often solved by applying the latest SDA release file.

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