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Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida

S/4 HANA: New consumption mode for Planned Independent Requirements

When we research about production planning in S/4 HANA, we can find a lot of documentation about the cool new S/4 HANA features, such as MRP Live and Embedded PP/DS, and also about all the simplified scenarios, like Simplified Sourcing and MRP areas planning.

However, there is a minor functionality that was already asked several times in SCN and that is now available in S/4 HANA, which is the ability to restrict the planned independent requirements consumption and reduction within a specific period.


Consumption mode in the ERP

In the ERP, we have the following consumption modes available:

In all the cases, the consumption is restricted by the backward and forward consumption period, and those values are maintained in workdays. It means that, if you define a period of 30 days, you may end up consuming the independent requirement that is on the next or previous month, which may not be desirable.

In order to restrict the PIR consumption within a month, an implementation of BAdI MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS was necessary, and a BAdI implementation always consumes time, money, and must be carefully tested after each upgrade.


Consumption mode in S/4 HANA

In S/4 HANA, there is a new consumption mode called Period-based consumption, which allows us to restrict the consumption within a specific number of periods.

For example, considering that we are using PIRs in monthly buckets, and we define period-based consumption with a forward and backward consumption period of 1, the PIR consumption will be restricted within the month.

Be careful when using this new consumption mode with mixed periodicity (e.g. weeks and months), since the consumption will be restricted within the consumption period according to the planned independent requirements period.

Now we don’t need to implement a BAdI to restrict consumption, which means that we have cheaper solution which can be very easily implemented and supported in S/4 HANA.

For more information and example of this new consumption mode, check the following SAP KBA:

2939973 – Consumption mode ‘5’ in S/4HANA

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      Author's profile photo Giangabriele Casci
      Giangabriele Casci

      Thanks for this post, Caetano!

      Would there be anything else for which MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS might still be needed in S/4 HANA, or will it be retired/deprecated since Period-based consumption would be directly available as the 5th consumption mode?

      Regards, - Gabri.

      Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida
      Caetano Almeida
      Blog Post Author


      MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS can still be used for classic MRP in S/4 HANA, as you can use it for other purposes, such as excluding a specific MRP element from the consumption logic.

      However, if you are running MRP live, those ABAP BAdIs are no longer called, as they were replaced by AMDP BAdIs. This specific BAdI was replaced by the AMDP BAdI PPH_MRP_RUN_BADI => MDPS_ADJUST.




      Author's profile photo Giangabriele Casci
      Giangabriele Casci

      Fair and square, thanks a lot Caetano, much appreciated!

      Author's profile photo Timothy Santy
      Timothy Santy

      Hello Caetano,

      I'm implementing this AMDP badi have to change some values in CT_MDPS. In ABAP this would be fairly easy but in SQLscript I have no idea how to change values in this table? I cannot find any proper documentation on how to do this. Can you share any experience with this badi?


      Author's profile photo Praveen Reni
      Praveen Reni

      Hi Caetano,

      How to exclude a specific MRP element from the consumption logic using AMDP BADI 'PPH_MRP_RUN_BADI => MDPS_ADJUST'?


      Author's profile photo Puneet Puri
      Puneet Puri

      Dear Caetano

      We are using SAP  HANA CLOUD  . But option 5 is not available in consumption mode. Plz suggest.

      With Regards



      Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida
      Caetano Almeida
      Blog Post Author


      I have tested in all the S/4HANA on premise releases and I could find the functionality.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Caetano,

      Thanks lot for sharing the knowledge! I tested the functionality and it worked fine.

      But just when I tried it for mixed periodicity, it was not working as expected.

      Below is my scenario.

      PIR - 1000 qnty for month 6

      PIR - 500 qnty for week 24 (dates 12th to 18th of month 6)

      Sales order - 600 qnty for 15th of month 6.

      So according to my expectation, it would consume the PIR for week 24 only and the PIR for month 6 will be untouched. But it my case, it consumed PIR of 500 qnty from weekly bucket and went on to consume 100 more from the monthly bucket as well.

      Could you please let me know why this happens? Why the system is not restricting the PIR consumption to the week? Expecting your reply!

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Lorea Galech Mercado
      Lorea Galech Mercado

      Hi Caetano,

      Based on the information in the post it seems as if the Forward and Backwards consumption periods maintained in the material master were considered whenever the Period Based Consumption is used, however, this doesn't seem to be the case based on the testing I have carried out.

      Could you please elaborate about the role of the Backward and Forward consumption periods when using Period Based Consumption?

      Thank you