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SAP Lumira 2.0 and Licensing

This blog is part of the Lumira 2.0 launch blog series.

[Updated 2017/09/20 to align product names and add licensing approach for Lumira standard]

As you know, Lumira 2.0 is an ambitious project to bring together 2 code lines into a single product that can address data discovery and analytic application use cases.

To review, Lumira 2.0 includes 3 separate components:

  • SAP Lumira discovery edition
  • SAP Lumira designer edition
  • SAP Lumira server edition
  • SAP Lumira standard edition

The discovery edition is the successor to Lumira Desktop 1.31.

The designer edition is the successor to Design Studio 1.6.

The server edition is the successor to BOTH the Lumira Server for BI Platform 1.31 and Design Studio server addon 1.6.

The standard edition is a limited version of discovery, and sold without maintenance on the SAP Store and through distribution partners.

So for the desktop clients, it’s pretty straightforward:

  • If your license entitles you to Lumira Desktop 1.x, you get the discovery component with a valid maintenance agreement.
  • If your license entitles you to Design Studio 1.x, you get the designer component with a valid maintenance agreement.
  • If you own Lumira standard edition 1.x, you will need to purchase Lumira standard 2.x.  Customers of any desktop software sold without maintenance agreements need to purchase the next major versions of the product.

But what about the server version of 2.0? We are bringing together 2 sets of customers with 2 different license entitlements onto a single component.

Before we made any decisions about how to handle this, we established a few principles to guide our decisions:

By taking a use case approach, we are able to ensure continuity of functionality that is in line with what customers expect while protecting the investment of existing Lumira customers.

One thing you may notice here is the mention of ‘managed data discovery’ and ‘modern self service data discovery’. What do we mean by that?

  • Managed data discovery requires IT to perform initial setup – such as creating a Universe, creating a BW query, configuring the connection from Explorer to these managed data sources.
  • Self-service data discovery aligns with Gartner’s definition of modern BI, which allows a business user to complete the entire BI workflow without assistance from IT including data access and data preparation.

Now that we have established our use cases, we can align them with product entitlements:

This table shows how Lumira 1.x customers continue to be entitled to server features that supports the self service data discovery use case, while we are creating use-case appropriate restrictions on single Lumira 2.0 server that narrows the functionality to just what is required to support enterprise dashboards, analytic applications and managed data exploration functionality.

This also significantly simplifies our BI solution portfolio and provides a clear licensing path forward for customers that own licenses to any of the following products:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 1.x
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.x

We have literally hundreds of legacy material codes that include these licenses that needed to be updated to include Lumira 2.0. Now that Lumira 2.0 is generally available, you should be able to download the components you are entitled to.

If you have specific questions regarding the license entitlements for the licenses you own today, please contact your partner or SAP account executive. As every contract is different, I can only provide generic answers here.

What to do next

In the next months, you’ll be hearing many more details on SAP Lumira. I’ve personally briefed many many customers and user groups on the solution, and the interest has been nothing short of inspiring! While you eagerly wait for more details, here are a few key activities you can start to get ready.

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  • Thank you for the post, Blair. The information is particularly relevant for Customers who own Design Studio/Xcelsius licences, but not Lumira. The table you put together is really interesting, but more details would definitely be welcomed.

    As per said table, Customers in the situation described above would be entitled to use Lumira Designer, but not "create or modify Lumira documents (...) on the server". Does that mean these Customers can create Lumira Designer applications/dashboards, but not share them on the server? Or does that limitation only applies to Lumira Discovery objects?

    It would be really important to understand what the impact on Design Studio (but not Lumira) Customers would be if they decided to upgrade to Lumira 2.x.


    • Thanks for the question - here's the XC/DS details.

      Neither XC or Design Studio has ever had the ability to create a new dashboard from scratch on the server. All workflows need to start with the desktop and publishing to the server. Those capabilities and limitations continue with Lumira 2.0 for these customers who are NOT entitled to 'full' Lumira.

      Sharing dashboards / templates on the server is core functionality for both products so that continues in Lumira 2.0.

      Self-service data discovery workflows like data preparation and creating new documents on the server require a 'full' Lumira license.

      Thanks, Blair

      • Hi Blair,

        Regarding the statement:

        “Neither XC or Design Studio has ever had the ability to create a new dashboard from scratch on the server. All workflows need to start with the desktop and publishing to the server.”

        I think there might be some terminology confusion here about what was previously known as Lumira Server for publishing Lumira 1.x documents versus the current Design Studio 1.x “server” publishing capability.


        At the moment Design Studio 1.x DOES support the ability to create a new dashboard from scratch on the BusinessObjects BI Platform Server by logging onto Design Studio 1.x in BI Platform Mode instead of Local Mode.  So presumably, customers who currently only have a Design Studio 1.x license will still continue to be able to create/edit/publish new documents directly to the BI Platform Server (i.e. the BI Launchpad) when they upgrade to Lumira Designer 2.0.  Would that be an accurate interpretation?




        • You're still logging on to the platform from the desktop client.

          Certainly by using the desktop client of Design Studio & Lumira designer customers can continue to create / edit / publish new documents to the BIP.

          My point is they cannot create from scratch on the BIP without Lumira designer.

          Thanks, Blair


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post. I've been waiting to get som more details regarding the licensing conversion. Let me give you a real life example and se where that lands. If a customer has:
    - 50 CS  (concurrent sessionbased) SAP BO BI, Edge (that includes Design Studio 1.x)
    - 5 CS Lumira, edge edition
    - 5 Lumira, desktop edition licesens (named users)

    Will that customer be able to:
    1.a) Create a Lumira document in Lumira 2.0 desktop, publish it on BO Edge Server (using the lumira desktop license).
    1.b) Consume the published lumira document (using SAP BO BI, Edge licenses that includes Design Studio)?





      Hi Martin,

      Edge is one of those 'corner cases'. When we originally released Lumira Server, Edge did not include it. Instead we sold Lumira Server to Edge customers with the Lumira Edge add-on.

      Later, we simplified things and decided to include Lumira Server in Edge.

      So the answer to 1b) depends on which material code of Edge is owned. It may be one of those Edge versions that now includes Lumira Server. If you email me the specific material code I can give you the definitive answer.

      The answer to 1a) is yes.

      Thanks, Blair


  • Hi  Blair

    Many Thanks for your post.

    If a customer have Xcelsius Designer and Xcelsius Interactive Viewer licenses  ,Does he entitled for using SAP BusinessObjects Lumira designer client for creating Dashboard and publishing the same to BI Platform.



  • Hi Blair,


    can you please (maybe once more) cleary point out how Lumira 2.0 will be licensed?


    My customer is using SAP BO Design Studio 1.6 on a BI Platform and along with that a BO BI Edge licence bundle.

    When planning to fully use Lumira 2.0, will there be extra costs in terms of licences?


    The use case will be that they plan to use Lumira 2.0 as a substitue of Design Studio 1.6. They`d like to create, consume and publish dashboards (designer and discoverer) over the BI Platform and integrate it into a Netweaver Portal (which is just there and has nothing to do with that discussion // please do not start a FIORI discussion ;)).


    @Mustafa: What do you think?


    Thank you for the clarification + Best,


    • Depending on the specific material code of Edge they have, they may already get full Lumira including self service data discovery.

      If the Edge BI material code is 7017711 or greater, then it includes Lumira discovery and full self-service features in Lumira Server.

      The nice thing about 2.0 is that because Discovery and Designer work together, you can use both. There's no need to replace one with the other. They both work with the same LUMX file.

      Thanks, Blair


  • There are a few small companies here purchased individual Lumira desktop versions on SAP store through the application's build in purchase function.  How could those license keys be refreshed into Lumira discovery 2.0 ?

    I believe Lumira 2.0 continues to have those links to SAP store built in.



    • Yes, the Lumira 2.0 trial continues to have links to the SAP Store built in. Once Lumira is setup on the SAP Store (eta end of August) then customers can either buy directly from the SAP Store or using the links in the Lumira 2.0 trial product.

      - Blair



  • HI Blair


    I have question, earlier i was using 1.x lumira. so have the license key for the same. Now i have installed 2.x but that license key is not working for this version. does that mean the license key is separately required.



    karan Sehjpal

  • Blair Wheadon:

    I understand that Design Studio 1.6 license converts to Lumira Designer.

    I do not understand what happens to Design Studio Add-on for BI Platform? I am being told this did not convert. If not, how are we to publish our Design Studio 1.6 dashboards that are converted to Lumira Designer on our BI Platform?

  • Hi Blair,

    We have Enterprise license for BO and we also have BW on HANA , BW used to use BEx tools for reporting, Now as per new roadmap Bex tools are going away and been replaced by Analysis for office and Lumira 2.0 .

    DO we need to buy separately the Lumira 2.0 all tools/clients or our Enterprise License of BO and BW can cover that?

    • That depends on the details of your enterprise license. Depending on when you purchased, it may include Lumira, or it may not. Please check with your SAP account executive on this.

      Thanks, Blair

  • Hello Blair,

    Currently we use SAP BOBJ  as reporting tool an have no dashboard related tool in use. We are currently doing a POC on SAP Lumira and intend to use SAP Lumira designer  (I'm aware for discovery - we need license to use it) But do we need licences for designer as well?  Or we can install the Lumira server on BIP server and start use in designer as well?