Analytic Privilege is used to restrict accessing of entire data present in information models (modeling objects) in SAP HANA. Also we can define a simple restriction to a set of complex restrictions with the help of Analytic Privileges and assign them to individual users or roles to restrict the data when they execute those objects.

After we create analytic privileges, we assign them to users. This restricts the users to access only the data of certain combinations of dimension attributes for which they are authorized.

From SAP HANA SP10, we can create two types of Analytic Privileges in SAP HANA. They are

  • Classical Analytic Privileges (XML Analytical Privileges)
  • SQL Analytic Privileges

The privileges needed to control access to row-level data in SAP HANA are called analytic privileges. These allow some users to see data X and others to see only data Y when accessing the same information view.

Now We are implementing SQL Analytic Privilege.

here is the following steps to Implement SQL Analytic Privilege.

Step 1: First Create a Table in your schema

your schema->Table->new Table

create table with following structure

Insert Following DATA into your Table

Run it and check the output

Step 2: Create Calculation View in your Package 

Your Package->new->Calculation view

Create Calculation view with the name “EMPLOYEE_LOCATION_RESTRICTION_DATA”

Select ‘+’ symbol for select table

select your table

Select the following columns from your table

Select Apply Privilege as “SQL Analytic Privilege”

Save and Activate the view 

and See the Output

In above output we can see the All the three countries INDIA ,US,UK but I want to see “INDIA”. I want to restrict “US” and “UK” so now I am creating “SQL Analytic Privilege”.

STEP 3:Create Analytic Privilege

Analytic Privilege -> New

Create new Analytic Privilege name as “ZEMPLOYEE_LOCATION_RESTRICTION”

Select your Package


Click on Finish Button and You will get below screen

Below Screen you will add Time validity

Below Screen you can select the Restriction column

our Target is we can see only Employee_Working_Location as INDIA

Step 4: Apply the Privileges to User’s To Restrict Data

Go To security -> Users->your user

Go to Analytic Privileges Select the ‘+’ Symbol

Select your Analytic Privilege click on “OK” Run it.

Then your Analytic Privilege is Added.

Chick the Output.


We can sell the Following Output



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  1. Neha Singla

    Hello Krishna,

    Nice and clear document on SQL Analytic Privilege.

    This is basically used when we are using sql statements (like you created table).

    In case we have to consume any other BW infoprovider/table in calcualtion view or analytic view, will go for option as: Classical Analytic Privileges.

    Am i right when you talk about two types of Analytic Privileges in SAP HANA.




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