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Successful training is one of the most vital aspects of keeping a business alive. As it’s widely considered one of the core processes of a firm’s success, excellent training is going to make your output more efficient, saving you time and money. Additionally, employees find proper training just as rewarding as employers, giving them a sense of value and accountability. Yet, with how quickly employment moves now, how can businesses make their training processes consistent while keeping their costs low?


Enter SAP SuccessFactors, a cloud-based HR management suite. SuccessFactors has been noted as one of the top Human Capital Management software systems out, having a range of product that includes payroll, recruiting, onboarding, learning, goal tracking, compensation, and deployment. And with training, our cloud-based services can help make your business one of the best.


How To Formulate Your Training


With so many businesses experiencing factors such as turnover and employee injury, having a transparent training process is a necessity to reducing risk. Not only are these some of the most expensive losses a business can take, but they can also contribute to a bad word of mouth quick (which, even if unwarranted can spread like wildfire.)


However, coming up with a consistent training program can be difficult. After all, it requires that you’re able to consolidate and define the most crucial practices that your business conducts, as well as training for organizations such as OSHA. Additionally, if you have too many procedures, then you run the risk of overwhelming employees with unnecessary information. If you go too little, you may run the risk of not even bothering in the first place, as it’s not something that would’ve been taken seriously enough.


The goal here is to educate employees in a seamless way that can translate to day-to-day. What do they do before they even start work? What safety measures are needed? Precautions? Etc. Make a list walking through what an experience on the floor will be like,  as well as what potential roadblocks you could potentially foresee.


By figuring out what you need to teach and organizing it in a way that’s digestible, employees will not only have access to their training materials at any time, but the resources available to keep their fellow coworkers in check too.


Transparency Leads To Accountability


After your information is formulated and ready to go, it’s time to start thinking about how this is going to be used on your digital platform. While digital training has been noted to have a high return on investment, the key to its success is its ability to be delivered in a transparent way.


To begin, make sure all your training materials are concise and written/produced in a way that’s easy to understand. These should focus on what’s the most important elements, as well as how each step of a day should go. By being successful in these elements, your employees can hold each to a level accountability.


In using a cloud platform, you’re allowing your materials to be available anytime, anywhere, increasing efficiency tenfold. This gives your employees a sense of accountability with one another, as they all understand that training should be completed (note: we allow for management over completed training modules, so you don’t have to worry about it.)


Not only will this help make your business run more smoothly, but it will additionally reduce liability risk as well. By giving access to all training materials in a multitude of mediums via the cloud, you’re able to set a deadline as to when and what should be completed. This means an employee has little room to sue if something goes wrong.


Final Thoughts


Acquiring a cloud-based training program is quickly becoming the standard, which means you should highly consider it if you’re trying to take your success seriously. After all, not only does a cloud-based platform allow for training materials much easier to compile, but to share as well. This leads to a level of accountability unmatched by other platforms, which could save you big time in the long run.


As every business wants their operations to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, there’s no better opportunity to invest in SuccessFactor than right now. The money you won’t have to shell out for things like unemployment, personal injury, or even OSHA fines is worth the cost, let alone the improved sense of employee moral and happiness.
While a lot of times we hear the phrase “moving to the cloud”, it’s time we consider making it our employment training’s permanent home.

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