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Sometimes the best way to increase revenues is by replacing outdated technology we’ve been using for over a hundred years. Instead of creating confusion by adding something new to the business you’re merely improving what you already have. One of the biggest seen over the years has to be VoIP technology.

It’s fair to say everyone knows it’s cheaper than standard phone systems small businesses use, but that isn’t the only reason you’ll make more money. In fact, there are many reasons you’ve maybe never considered before. Let’s discuss a few other ways small businesses can use it to bump up their revenues.

1. Calling Straight from the Browser

Under normal circumstances, you would usually land on a website and dial a number displayed on the page. Taking your phone out is an extra step you don’t want. It’s common knowledge any extra steps a customer has to take will damage your conversation rates.

Thanks to WebRTC, customers will now be able to make calls over VoIP directly from a web page on computers and smartphones. An increase in a number of sales calls a business receives should result in increased revenues.

2. Customer Relationship Management Support

It’s hard to sum up SAP CRM in a few words because it offers your business so many advantages. One of them relates specifically to sales. Do you know who the best sales people are in your teams at the moment? They’ll be responsible for increasing sales.

When you integrate VoIP with Customer Relationship Support software you’ll be able to make sure they get the calls. You can make a few tweaks which will allow your best sales reps to handle the most favorable leads.

3. Using Multiple Telephone Numbers

Even small business phone systems in Australia and other countries excluding the US can receive tons of calls. VoIP will give you a much easier way to assign many numbers for various purposes. For example, you could have a different one on some web pages.

A simple thing like this has the power to produce huge results. It will let you know exactly where your leads are coming from. You’ll then be able to optimize anything to your liking in order to receive even more calls.

4. Developing Face-to-Face Relationships

There are some businesses where you’d never expect to talk face-to-face with a customer. The opposite is true too, and perhaps it’s crucial if you want to develop stronger relationships with some of your best customers.

After all, it’s maybe where the bulk of your money comes in every month. VoIP makes it easy to communicate with anyone face-to-face as long as both parties are sitting in front of a screen. It’s going to become even more mainstream in the future.

5. Essential Follow up Sales Calls

SAP has lots of ways you’ll be able to follow up with leads and they all work differently. VoIP will let you use follow-ups too, and it’s essential because it’s streamlined and you won’t have to remember a thing.

Once a certain amount of time has passed and you’ve not received a response to earlier calls, you’ll be notified so you can take action. All of this information will also let you analyze everything to improve how you tackle things.

6. It’s More Powerful than the Obvious

We all know the big ways VoIP phone systems will help your business make more money, which is why we’re seeing everyone turn to them. It’s the little-known ways you need to know about if you want to unleash its full power. The handful we’ve talked about today will easily boost your revenues.

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