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While 2016 SAPPHIRE NOW focused a lot on Your Path to SAP S/4HANA, i.e. the WHAT to do WHEN, I would expect 2017 SAPPHIRE NOW to focus more on HOW to realize your S/4HANA roadmap:

  1. Greenfield or Brownfield?
  2. HANA Appliance versus SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration?
    • Scale-up or Scale-out?
  3. HANA 1.0 versus HANA 2.0?
    • SAP S/4HANA 1511 FPS 02 or SAP S/4HANA 1610 FPS 01?
    • NW 7.50 FOR S/4HANA OP 1511 SPS 02 or NW 7.51 FOR S/4HANA OP 1610 SPS 01?
    • SAP Fiori Front-End Server 2.0 or SAP Fiori Front-End Server 3.0
  4. Solution Manager 7.1 or Solution Manager 7.2?
    • Maintenance Planner or Maintenance Optimizer (retired on January 9, 2017)?
  5. SAPGUI or SAP Fiori Launchpad?
    • SAP GUI for HTML or SAP Fiori?
    • SAP Belize theme or SAP Blue Crystal theme?
  6. SAP Cloud Platform Integration or SAP Process Orchestration?
    • When will full equivalence be reached especially concerning SAP BPM?

As you see, my expectations for 2017 SAPPHIRE are high, but I am quite certain, that I will get answers for many of my questions, most likely not black or white, but potentially more options.

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  1. Former Member

    Frank – aggressive but solid list of to-do items at SAPPHIRE!


    Re.SAPGUI or SAP Fiori Launchpad? – SAP GUI for HTML or SAP Fiori?


    I think the question is: Yes to Fiori & FLP, and which SAPGUI apps to migrate ahead of the others…also I’d add “Design Thinking” to the learning mix…


    We are presenting with a few clients on this question — and I invite your readers to consider these sessions as they build their SAPPHIRE Agendas:

    Thanks!  Peter Brasket



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