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We are thrilled to announce our brand-new service “SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules (beta)” to be available now for use in SAP Cloud Platform trial account.

Business Rules can be used to encapsulate business logic from application logic, enabling business and key users to change the decision logic without re-writing the application. Try out numerous capabilities of this service to build and use rules in your cloud applications or workflow-based applications or to extend your existing Fiori web-based applications.

You can access this service in few simple steps. All you need is SAP Cloud Platform trial account and ensure that Beta Features is enabled for the account.

How to check if ‘Beta Features’ is enabled?

  1. Goto your trial account
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the account tile
  3. Beta Features checkbox must be clicked
    • If not, then select the checkbox and click Save button on the popup


Assuming you have access to SAP Cloud Platform trial account, let us now see how in few minutes you can access this service in your trial account. Let’s begin …

  1. Login to SAP Cloud Platform cockpit

  1. Go into your trial account

  1. Select Services option from the left pane

  1. Select Integration category from the drop down and then select Business Rules tile

  1. Click on the Enable button to enable the service in your account

  1. After few seconds, you will see the status of the service will change to Enabled


… now you can start using the rule service in your applications.
New to business rules and looking for help to get started? Here are some quick tips

  1. Assign RulesSuperUser role to your user via Configure Business Rules Runtime option. This role will give you privilege to deploy and run the rules from rules web editor


  1. Assign RuleSuperUser role to your user via Configure Business Rules Repository option. This role will give you privilege to create, edit and save the rules from rules web editor


  1. Finally click on Business Rules Editor to open the web-based rules application URL


  1. For more information on working with rules editor and knowing various modelling notations and guidelines, you can refer our official beta documentation:


Everything you need to get started with rules authoring and execution is now available as a free software service to use in SAP Cloud Platform.

Get started with Business Rules! and we are there to help you with all your queries.

Do write to us of any suggestions on the service and follow us to know more on what’s happening with business rules service general availability release. Stay Tuned!

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  1. Archana Shukla Post author

    Hello Changlin,

    No, this is business rules in SAP Cloud Platform. While BPM/BRM are on-premise products, this is rules capabilities on the cloud. It will not replace BPM/BRM.

  2. Aisurya Puhan

    Hi ,

    Great Blog .

    While trying to consume the Repository API’s as mentioned in the Document cannot find the Base URL.  Below screenshot from my trial account:

    But i found the BASE URL from SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit’s Destination for API repository.

    Am bit confused.


    1. Archana Shukla Post author

      Hello Aisurya,
      I am glad that you liked the blog.

      Yes, destinations are where you find the base URL for repository and runtime APIs. In SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, you can goto destinations and there you will find two destinations: One for runtime with name: bpmrulesruntime and another for repository with name bpmrulesrepository. Former is used to execute/run the rules runtime APIs and latter for repository APIs. Please note, runtime and repository APIs are meant for different purpose. More information you can find the our guides.

      Let me know if you need further information.





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