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Author's profile photo Bernd Degenhardt

Important Enhancement for BPCA in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

In my blog Minimize the risk in the regression test for a sFIN 3.0 EhP 8 upgrade by using BPCA, I described the different challenges for this regression test and which approach we identified to solve that by using BPCA in SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

Open challenge in the 7.1 approach

One challenge was unsolved in this approach – a lot of the customers have test cases with process steps that include more than one tcode/executable for the different test steps. That means we have to identify test cases with impacted executables by the upgrade manually when the executable isn’t used in the test case on the first test step. This approach isn’t so efficient for the test planning.

Optimized approach with 7.2

With SAP Solution Manager 7.2 the Business Process Change Analyzer get an implicit and important enhancement for this challenge. In the new solution documentation of 7.2 it is not only the new structure for the business scenarios with more than 3 levels that makes the business process modeling easier and feasible. No. The important enhancement in relation to BPCA is the capability to make assignments of more than one executable to a test case.

In practice the assignment looks like this.

Assignment of multiple executables to a test case in 7.2

With “Assign Executables” in the context menu of the test case it is possible to assign all executable of the process/process step or a selection of that. In the example I only select 2 of the 3 executables.

Then I start a new change impact analysis including this maintained process step. In the result it is visible that BPCA identify the maintained test case with both executables.

BPCA result includes the test case with both executables


With this enhancement in 7.2 I will get better results in the change impact analysis because test cases with several assigned executables can identified for the test scope independently, on which step the executable is used. Furthermore the test scope optimization can select test cases with a higher priority that cover more than one executable. This leads to a more efficient test scope because a high test coverage will need less test cases.

For me this is big improvement for regression testing and test scope optimization as well.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      agree, this is a major imrovement. Have you tryed BPCA-analysis on HANA? Do you know if it goes faster?

      Author's profile photo Lalit Gandhi
      Lalit Gandhi


      thanks for the info on latest feature  of Solman 7.2.

      Does Solman 7.2 BPCA handle the scenarios with external system? What if the test case have steps that needs to be executed in multiple integrated system?

      Author's profile photo Riccardo Escher
      Riccardo Escher

      Hello Bernd,

      you show the usage of the button "Manual Executable Selection".

      I am scratching my head about the other button, "All Executables".

      When I have only one Executable in the Process Step and try to add to the Test Document via the "+" button the assignment of the executable, the popup shows correctly the executable:

      But after pressing "OK" the assignment disappears, the elements list remains empty.

      And later in the BPCA Analysis Result, the column "Test Case Available" is empty.

      Only if I do a manual assignment like shown by you the assignment remains visible in the test document elements list.

      Does this work as designed or is this a bug?