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The Microsoft program brings about a productivity boost in many Microsoft Dynamics AX company through an uncanny channel – the independent professionals, who make excellent resources with their specialized expertise in the ERP arena.

The Origins of Independent Professionals

More often than not, these Ninja community of programmers consists of independent professionals who have worked for a Microsoft partner, for a customer, or even for Microsoft itself. They have diligently invested their time and efforts in mastering almost every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics, and are now a prized resource because of their niche expertise.

It would be wrong to assume that independent professionals are rogue employees who decided to set sail on their own, by ditching Microsoft or its partners for a larger paycheck. Instead, they are mostly on the wronged by the policies of Microsoft Partners that hire staff when the project numbers are up, and lay them off when the projects are not in development, during a sales down cycle.

Independent professionals, on the contrary, provide a flexible and reliable resource for Microsoft Dynamics partners, as they are focused almost entirely on the delivery side of the business.

The Importance of Independent Professionals

Independent professionals work according to flexible work schedules and tight deadlines. This is a unique combination that allows them to focus solely on outcome rather than being constrained by office timings.

Every Microsoft Dynamics ERP install more often than not has a handful of independent professionals behind it. They work in collaboration with partner teams, filling the gaps where the in-house resource expertise falls short. They are a very reliable alternative for clients who find the partner support inadequate.

Independent professionals can be found for every role in the hierarchy – ranging from outsourced resources to leadership roles (on consultant basis).

The Right Way to Find Independent Professionals

It is difficult to gauge the skill of an independent professional right away, as they mostly work remotely and are accessible through calls. An indicator of their being a good resource is – independent professionals from a Microsoft Dynamics AX company that is partners are involved in pre-sales calls. Also, they have a credible number of projects in the clients preferred line of business to show in their portfolio. The true worth of the independent resource shows only when they start working on your project.

Areas in Which the Independent Professionals Can Help

  1. Dedicated ERP project resources

Firstly, the decision to hire an independent professional should be taken after due deliberation on what are the exact needs of the company and the ERP project. The full working bandwidth of the independent professional should be available for your project – only then you can get the kind of quality, and timely support that ERP projects like Microsoft Dynamics require.

  1. Ongoing projects

Even in ongoing projects where the implementation is not progressing as per the company needs, independent professionals can step in and point out the exact areas that require work. The pointers are a good measure of the skill of these independent professionals.

  1. Third party consultants

Otherwise, the company can also leverage the independent professionals to advise their present staff on the strategy of implementation and project architecture, as consultants working from outside.

Deciding Whether the Independent Professional is a Right Fit

The following are indicators of a good independent professional resource for a Microsoft Dynamics AX company:

  1. Their first impression is that of a likeable individual who knows what he/she is doing in the professional world.
  2. They are able to work efficiently with the team.
  3. They understand your company’s exact Microsoft Dynamics AX needs.
  4. They understand your company’s vision for the brand.
  5. They have specialized skills that augment the skillset of your existing team.

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