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How to run SAP WebIDE Personal Edition on Linux

The disappointment

Since I sometimes want to hack on my UI5-Applications when I am on road without an internet connection, SAP WebIDE Personal Edition is a nice solution for me.

Unfortunately SAP does only deliver packages for Windows and Mac, but not for Linux. When there is a Mac-Package there is a way for a Linux-Package I thought.

So I downloaded the Mac and Windows Versions and compared them. Beside of some system-specific executeables, all work is done by the Orion Application Server.

After a bit of googling the good message of the day:

*YAY* a linux version is supported. Let’s rebuild the package with the linux binaries!



There are a few easy steps to do (Well I spent some time to figure it out), first of all download these archives:

Unzip both archives to different folders

  • ./webide/ for the WebIDE
  • ./orion/ for Eclipse Orion

The most important file is the orion executeable. You will need to get the original linux executable orion-file in your webide folder, therefore copy ./orion/orion to ./webide/orion.

Starting orion will not work, it will complain about a windows runtime it can not launch. So we also need to edit ./webide/orion.ini to look like this:


Now the file should know the library to launch, but this time it will complain about not finding it. Why?

We have to copy all the files from ./orion/plugins to ./webide/plugins and replace the existing ones.

The directory should look like this:

Like you might see: the library should now be present. Lets start ./orion and voilá:



I couldn’t test all functionalities, but the basic editing, syntax-highlighting works as intended.

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  • Merhaba Aydın Bey dediğiniz şekilde suse linux üzerinde orion (webide ile birleştirilerek) ve gitlab kurulumunu gerçekleştirdim. Gitlabı https üzerinden, orionuda(webideli) http üzerinden yayınlayacak şekilde problemsiz hallettim. Gitlabın admin olarak kulllanıcıların yönetilmesinde de problem çıkmadı. Kullanıcılar Geliştirdikleri kodalarını server üzerine de atabiliyorlar.

    Gelelim tek sıkıntıma. Orion da herkes kullanıcı açıp login olabiliyor. Bunu engellemek için config.orion dosyasına



    bu iki parametreyi de eklediğim halde yine kullanıcılar istedikleri şekilde kafalarına göre kullanıcı oluşturabiliyorlar. Bunu nasıl engelleyebiliriz. Bir de admin olarak login oldugum halde bir admin panel gibi bir ekran yok. Acaba kullanıcı yönetimi orion da yok mudur? Yardımlarınız için şimdiden Teşekkürler.


    • Orion is only the application server of the WebIDE - if you want to configure the usermanagement you will have to do it on the WebIDE-side.

      I am not sure if the personal edition of the WebIDE has an active usermanagement you can configure - i guess it is not included.

      But you may look into the official documentation - maybe there is a way to achieve that.

      Regards, Aydin Tekin

  • Eclipse Orion V8.0 does not seem to be available via

    V10.0 - V20.0 are available on their current release page. V0.2 - V6.0 are available in the archives.

    Why did you choose to go with V8.0 and do you have any suggestion on which over releases might work?

    • Hello Austin,

      seems like they removed the file in the meanwhile.

      At the time I wrote the blog, Orion 8 was the base platform for WebIDE. I am not sure which version of Orion is used in the most recent version of WebIDE. You might look that up the version of orion libraries in the WebIDE archive.

      Since we moved to HANA 2.0 with Cloud Foundry, I use a custom MS Visual Code setup instead of WebIDE, since it is much more responsive and stable than WebIDE is. You might look into that kind of unix-friendly setup too 😉

      Kind Regards,