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How to run SAP WebIDE Personal Edition on Linux

The disappointment

Since I sometimes want to hack on my UI5-Applications when I am on road without an internet connection, SAP WebIDE Personal Edition is a nice solution for me.

Unfortunately SAP does only deliver packages for Windows and Mac, but not for Linux. When there is a Mac-Package there is a way for a Linux-Package I thought.

So I downloaded the Mac and Windows Versions and compared them. Beside of some system-specific executeables, all work is done by the Orion Application Server.

After a bit of googling the good message of the day:

*YAY* a linux version is supported. Let’s rebuild the package with the linux binaries!



There are a few easy steps to do (Well I spent some time to figure it out), first of all download these archives:

Unzip both archives to different folders

  • ./webide/ for the WebIDE
  • ./orion/ for Eclipse Orion

The most important file is the orion executeable. You will need to get the original linux executable orion-file in your webide folder, therefore copy ./orion/orion to ./webide/orion.

Starting orion will not work, it will complain about a windows runtime it can not launch. So we also need to edit ./webide/orion.ini to look like this:


Now the file should know the library to launch, but this time it will complain about not finding it. Why?

We have to copy all the files from ./orion/plugins to ./webide/plugins and replace the existing ones.

The directory should look like this:

Like you might see: the library should now be present. Lets start ./orion and voilá:



I couldn’t test all functionalities, but the basic editing, syntax-highlighting works as intended.

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