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Reset – Mind & Body

This is my story – Body & Mind………

Over the recourse of the past 6-9 months I’ve been approached by family members, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, my favorite retailers, & folks on social media, all asking me “what the heck has gotten into you” – “what triggered this positive change in your life”?

Well here’s my story. I’ll start from September 29th, 2011. I was subdued by a T.I.A. mini-stroke immediately upon arriving to the office. It turned out that I was a ticking time bomb which shouldn’t have been a big surprise due to my lack of concern to my health. The cause: blocked vertebral brain artery.

Stepping back a little further leading up to my stroke I had been intubated 4 times (left lung collapsed 4 separate times), gallbladder surgically removed, excessive high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, Sleep Apnea disorder, severe asthma, etc……. In fact my daughter, Serynna, saved my life by calling 911 after I stopped breathing due to a severe asthma attack and witnessed the paramedics while standing in the background trying to revive me say: “i don’t think he’s going to make it”. She was only 6 or 7 years old at the time. Heartbreaking to imagine how she felt.

I used all of my symptoms as an easy excuse to why I couldn’t put any effort into “doing anything” to better myself. Oh, did I mention I was also a heavy smoker?

What changed? 9 years ago, I became complete. I married my bride, Jennifer. Then came our little Gabriella we call Peanut. Peanut sure revived my youth. Then watching my Serynna enter college is where it all kicked in. It was all so clear. I’d never see my daughter get married, have kids of her own. I’d never witness Peanut growing, evolving and later graduating high school and having a family of her own. All of it seemed to be a figment of my imagination because of my lack of enthusiasm. Mind boggling in a way considering I was very athletic as a youngster: played ice hockey, was on the varsity tennis team, cycling team, did a little cross country running, loved to hike and waterski.

Then……. I started to rapidly gain weight. At only 5’ 6” tall I reached 235lbs with a 44” waist, and something new popped up with my realm of medical issues, I was now diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I’ve become closer to what I have envisioned. My future seemed to be slipping away, and very rapidly. This is the plan I’ve chosen right? That was the pivotal moment. HELL NO!

My adoring bride, Jennifer, kick started this new path by putting me on a Whole30 diet in hopes of resetting my brain to eat better, and maybe even reverse my type2 diabetes. Her doing this was the kick in the pants that I needed. I successfully completed the diet in 30 days with losing 27lbs but I didn’t stop there. My brain got reset alright, back to how it was when I was a youngster which snowballed & manifested to purchasing a bike after 30+ years from being off the saddle, then riding every day (or as much as my schedule permits). My motivation carried on to influencing some co-workers (friends) of mine to also purchasing road bikes and to start riding with me.

Where am I at today? I’ve lost over 35+ pounds, 1st time being under 200lbs since I could remember. Reduced my waist line from 44” to 36”. My energy level is thru the roof. On the bike pedaling miles at any chance I get. Can now ride a ½ century with ease & enthusiasm with a goal of riding an entire century by summer’s end. Registered to ride in the Tour de Cure in the fight to kick diabetes’ ass, occurring May/2017 in Napa, planning to register for the “ride for Veterans”….. And, and, and, I’m not stopping!

That’s my story everyone, and the reason for sharing is for one purpose: to inspire someone that needs a little motivation to make a change. If an overweight, health-ticking time bomb ready to explode, cookie eating, couch potato like me can do it. Anyone can! I wont be riding in the Tour de Cure just for fun, but also for a cause. And I’ll be wearing the Red jersey which represents that I have diabetes, so please cheer me on!

Want to make a change? Call me. I’d be honored to go on your first bike ride with you! If you want to follow my progress, feel free to follow me on Instagram @

Join or financially support Team SAP and I in the Tour de Cure ride for diabetes on May7th:

To donate:

…..Landon Von Gogh

P.S. – That’s my pup, Kona, below. She loves to go riding and she’s usually accompanying me on most of my rides. Her longest ride is 30+ miles. 

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      Author's profile photo Varkey George
      Varkey George

      Dear Landon,

      While going through your personal story, I thought I was reading my own story written from the other side of the globe. The only difference being I had a massive heart attack followed by a Cardiac Bypass surgery. That was a good 17 years ago.

      God has been so merciful to me to see my school boys grow up, complete their education,get married & to have 3 grandchildren to play around with me. I have also lost weight & do regularly jog to keep me look forward.

      I have only one point where we differ - man is not just Mind & Body but tripartite - Spirit, Mind & Body. Let me plead with you to google on this subject. I am sure you will hit a goldmine.


      Author's profile photo Cheryl Smith
      Cheryl Smith

      Thank you Landon for sharing your very moving story!  I am so proud to be riding with you in the Tour de Cure - Napa.  Less than 39% of diabetics exercise and you are the perfect example of how powerful it can be.  So happy to have another Red Rider diabetic peddling to help cure and manage diabetes (both type 1 and type 2:-).


      Author's profile photo Landon Von Gogh
      Landon Von Gogh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Cheryl! I'm looking forward to the ride this weekend in Napa also. See you there!