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Transform <SQL> requires option <sql_text> to be set

Hi All,


I m getting this error when i run a job having multiple Oracle tables with one SQL Query having in SQL Transform.


Data Services Management Console


(14.2) 04-20-17 22:10:31 (E) (88784:89388) VAL-030147: |SESSION JOB_DM4113_DAILY_NEWS_TCPN_DMN|WORKFLOW WF_DM4113_TCPN_DMN|DATAFLOW DF_DM4113_TCPN_ICSPM_STG|STATEMENT <GUID::'90e74271-18b2-407a-a7de-0fc3dab2a12c' TRANSFORM SQL OUTPUT(DM4113_TCPN_DMN_V)>
                                                       Transform <SQL> requires option <sql_text> to be set
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  • Is anyone have an idea about this error. Here are the details:

    1. Have used oracle table directly as source in DF and it was failing with 'Table or view doesn't exist'
    2. so, have used SQL Transform and kept this table with 'Select * from <Oracle Table>', then getting this "Transform <SQL> requires option <sql_text> to be set" error.

    Please assist on how to resolve this Issue. Using SAP Dataservives 4.2 SP8 version with Oracle 12c client.