This blog describes session management in BOE 4.2 BI Platform REST SDK.


RWS APIs to get x-SAP-LogonToken:

Sl. No.
Http Methods
Query Parameters
Logon using username and password
http://host:<port>/biprws/vx/logon/long GET, POST N.A
Logon with token/serialized Seeeion
 http://host:<port>/biprws/vx/logon/token  GET, POST  N.A
Logon with adsso
http://host:<port>/biprws/vx/logon/adsso   GET clienttype
Logon trusted
http://host:<port>/biprws/vx/logon/trusted   GET  X-SAP-TRUSTED-USER, clienttype
Logoff (token must be in Header)
http://host:<port>/biprws/vx/logoff   POST NA


 BOE Version 4.2
host IP Address / Name of the of the server
port Port number (WACS)
x-sap-logontoken (Header)

Header key with value is Token.

For All API this header is must (not for Logon APIs).

 vx v1
x-sap-pvl (Header) us-en
Accept Applicaiton/JSON OR Application/XML
Content-Type  Application/JSON OR Application/XML

Must send the token to all RWS APIs in header “x-SAP-LogonToken”.

Till 4.2 SP03 logon REST APIs creates light weight “Enterprise Session” so that session count in “CMC->Sessions” not increasing. But when we use this same token to Web Intelligence REST APIs count will increase by 1 in “CMC->Sessions”.


Session management Issue:

Session created by RESTful web service (logon/long) doesn’t vanishes from CMC – Sessions tab after timeout (Issue reproducible only if user hits any raylight (Web Intelligence REST APIs))

Fixed : 4.2 SP02

Note :2359123 – RESTful logon token timeout doesn’t work accordingly

Change in Session type:

Session type Changed to Enterprise Session from the release 4.2 SP04 and onwards.

So that if user use any APIs mentioned in table , immediately session count will increase for the user in “CMC->Sessions” page.

Enterprise Session Token timeout default : 60 min.

Maximum timeout : 1440 min (24 Hrs).

Administrator can set this value in “CMC->Servers->WebApplicationContainerServer-> Right click on this server ->Properties->EnterpriseSession Timeout”.

http session timeout will not be applicable to Enterprise Sesison created using REST APIs.



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