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SAP Hybris C4C Analytics provide an awesome feature with the help of which one can navigate from one report to the other. E.g. While Analyzing Forecast by Employee, manager wants to looks at last year’s Win/Loss Analysis for that employee to review how good his employee’s Forecast has been.

Scenario Example:

This is how end-user would work with report:

Analyze Forecast Revenue – By Employee Report

Now click on one bar and analyze Win/Loss Details of that Employee

By doing this I can go to Win/loss report filtered by this employee and look at his Win/Loss details for last year

Similarly, you can click on a Month in a chart to look at details of all opportunity that total up for that month.


Following are the steps required to setup RRN:

  • Start from Target
  • Select view
  • Add Source
  • Map fields

Below are the details of each step:

  1. Create Source and target reports and views. Please note you can navigate from one view of a report to another view of same report.
  2. Start from Target Report and click on Create Navigation3. Give a navigation name and select Target report View. This will be the view which will open on navigation4. Now add a source report and define mapping5. You have following options to define mapping

Target Characteristics <– Source Report Characteristics

Target Character <– Source Report Variable

Target Variable <– Source Report Character


Target Variable <– Source Report Variable


Below are the details of each scenario

You must define the mapping depending on your business scenario. It is important to know that if you are mapping from Source Characteristic then that characteristics should be available in the source view.


Once the RRN is defined it will be visible under Source Report

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  1. Trang Nguyen

    Hi Pooja,

    Thanks for the blog. I have one question, we have 2000 accounts customers in more than 100 countries all around the world. How can I create number of countries as Key figure.

    Best regards,


    1. Vinita Sinha

      Hi Trang,

      Are you looking at the number of Accounts in each country? If yes, that should already be possible by arranging the Accounts by the country(first column), using the Key figure Counter and showing the Results Row for the characteristic Account… 




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