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Change Master/Shadow role of cloud connector manually

High Availability configuration requires Master-Shadow cloud connector. While taking over, sometimes in exceptional situations, where both of cloud connector in High Availability configuration are shadow role/master role.  In case such bad-configuration occurs, SCP connection will be lost and Satellite systems cannot connect to SAP cloud platform (formerly known as HANA cloud Platform)


How this can happen:


If you have not setup the cloud connector HA set up perfectly, you might end up in a situation where both of cloud connector act as Master or both act as Shadow Cloud connector.


Options to rectify:

When you configure cloud connector installation ,you get the option to chose master or shadow installations, However if you have trapped in a situation as mentioned above, you either have to reinstall both master and shadow installation, and you can chose master and shadow role while setting up the initial configuration., but you will lose all the configuration and connections set up with satellite systems. Hence it is not recommended

Other option: 

You can change the role as per your requirement using configuration.jar file.



  1. You should be logged in OS level.
  2. sapjvm7 and higher should be installed. Preferably sapjvm8 and higher for newer version of cloud connector. 
  3. configuration.jar should have executable rights.


  1. login to OS level and go to folder where scc is installed. You can find it under /opt/sap/scc/ directory in linux.
  2. Shut down the cloud connector for which you want to change the role using command

       service scc_daemon stop

3. Run the below command from the directory

java -jar configurator.jar -be [master/shadow]

which role you want to assign to one of cloud connector.

4.start the cloud connector

service scc_daemon start

Please check the status for confirmation. It should be started and should give you URL to login:



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