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Adding Documents to Items in Successfactors Learning

SAP Successfactors Learning Management System (SF LMS):

In this blog, I am going to discuss how LMS administrators can add documents to the learning items in successfactors LMS. I have not seen any reference document available hence thought of posting this information for LMS Administrators. The steps below would help them to understand the procedure of adding the documents/attachments to the Item so that learner can go through the document. This document would be shown as content object along with the main content object to the users when they open the course.

Below are the steps to be followed:


  1. Create a Document Type:
  • Go to References –> Learning –> Document Types


Click on Add New and add the document types as below:

    2. Creating the Document


   Go to Content –> Documents

Click on Add New and fill the fields below:

Document Type – This is the Document Type which you created in the previous step.

File Path:

There are two ways:

  1. Mention the File Path where your document is stored. The Users should have access to this shared space where the document is stored. It can be SharePoint Link as well. This is the preferred option.

2.  The other way is storing your document in the iContent Server Space like any other content

which you store however it is not the preferred option to store the documents in the

iContent  Server.


Below is the option of adding the document in the iContent Server:

File Path – This is the path where you upload your document.

Here the path is /learning/user/onlineaccess/

Document – Test has been created.


3. Linking Document to Intervention


Go to Content –> Tools –> Import Content –> Add New Content and Click Next.

Click on Browse & add the relevant document

After selecting the document / file.

Configuring intervention & Content settings and importing the file.

Select the Server Location, Enter the Content Package ID and Click on Import Files.

The File will be imported successfully.

4. Linking Document to Intervention


Go to Learning –> Select the Intervention –> Click on More against the Related Area –>Select Documents –> Click on add one or more from list.

Select the relevant one (Select the Test) and click on Add.


5. Go to Learning – User Interface (Login as a User)


 Click on the Intervention Title

You can see an attachment icon and says 1 attachment.

When you click on the Attachment Icon, you can see below however you cannot open the document from here.

When you click on the Test, you can see the below error:

To open the document, you should click on the content page and click on the Review Content which is the relevant document attached for this intervention.

When you click on the content, you can see the attachment downloaded.


Please let me know if this blog is of your help.



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