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SAP HANA, express edition 2.0: SPS 01 now available to download.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve updated SAP HANA, express edition.  SPS 01 is available and ready to download from here.

Since our release in December, we’ve added a few new things:

  • We’re exited to announce that we’ve enabled Streaming Analytics in SAP HANA, express edition.   Jeff Wootton’s blog describes the details.
  • SAP HANA, express edition is based on the standard SAP HANA codeline – take a look at this post from Lori Vanourek to ramp up on the latest features in SP01
  • We’ve added SAP HANA, express edition to the Google Cloud Launcher – making it simpler and fast
    • Check out Denys van Kampen’s SAP HANA academy contribution here.
    • Lucia Subatin’s series on this topic is well worth reviewing.
    • Craig Cmehill’s drill into Google App Engine and Google Home can be found here.

We’ve revamped the online content too.     The tutorials have been regrouped and re-ordered to give it a more logical flow, and a series of HANA Smart Data Streaming Tutorials have now been added.

We constantly update and add tutorials and how to guides – so keep checking in!     In the coming weeks and months, we expect to add some partner generated tutorials too.

The community forum is still the place to go for all of your SAP HANA, express edition questions.     Thank you for all of your contributions, blogs, questions and answers – we appreciate the input – it helps us build a better product.

So, we invite you to register for SAP HANA, express edition, and download (or launch) your free copy –  happy coding!


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  • Hi Rudi,

    Thanks for the update, love the express edition release.

    Does the upgraded version on the google cloud platform now include XSA as well?

    If not, are there any plans to include that as part of the launcher or any tutorials on how to upgrade the HDB to include XSA?


    • Hi there Jesse


      There are some plans to include XSA in the GCP version - we're looking into making that available as soon as we're able to.      A tutorial is a good idea - that is likely what we'd do in the short term.



  • Hello @rudi.leibbrandt,

    I think the HANA Express version at Google Cloud Launcher is still SP00, any exact date when SP01 will be released with XSA? Thank you.


  • Hello Rudi!

    I’ve already downloaded the virtual machine version HANA Express 2.0 SPS 00. Can I update this to SP01?
    I’d hate to lose my work that I’ve done in the “old” version!

    For your information: I tried updating by using eclipse, SAP HANA administration console, platform lifecycle management, check for updates. But there were no updates available.

    Hope you can help me.

    With kind regards,

    • Hey there Dirk.    Frank Schuler, a really active community member, had this post on upgrading:



    • Hello Vivek - the CAL team is working with us at the moment.   We've enabled a few new other HANA features in the latest version of HXE, which needs to be "CAL enabled".       Should be available soon!