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The presentation provides a good overview of key features and functions including its business configuration that are available for Sales Quote processing in SAP Cloud for Customer with release 1702:

Link to presentation


What’s new in release 1705?

  • Alternative Items
  • Registered Products Reference
  • Data Workbench Support
  • Output error notification includes More link
  • Workflow Rule allows to trigger Action Submit
  • SAP Fiori Client: Collapse Advanced Search Fields
  • Enhanced Transfer Logs
  • Offline (extended tablet App): Copy Quote including extension fields
  • Enhanced Data Sources
  • Extensibility of Set to Lost Popup Window
  • GTIN in Products Table
  • Added actions on screen to reduce click sequence
  • Cross Topic: Enhanced Party Determination: Copy party from top level account to Sales Quote
  • Control Message Severity

What’ new in release 1708?

  • Linked Document from Document Library can be added to the Quote Output
  • Enhanced Up/Down Selling – Add as Alternative Product
  • Item Selection in Follow-up Quick Create
  • Sales Quantity Contract Assignment (Phased Delivery)
  • Payment Terms added on Item Level
  • Enhanced Quick Create – Request External Pricing
  • Configuration of Pricing Date Derivation for Copied Quote
  • Enhanced Data Sources (MDAVs)
  • Refresh Action added for entire Sales Quote
  • Added Action for Registered Product: Update Reference Information
  • Past Quotes Fast Entry Option includes Filter-by Date
  • New Notes Section for Customer Note
  • Bounced Indicator added to Activities – E-Mails
  • ‘Division’ field added to Code List Restriction
  • Enhanced Transfer Logs including Date/Time
  • ‘Item Type’ field added to ‘Add Products’ screen
  • Enhanced Configurable Message Severity: Min. Order Quantity Message Support

What’s new in 1711?

  • Support “Request For Quote” Scenario
  • Sales Quantity Contract Assignment (General Availability)
  • Enhanced Configurable Message Severity: Submit for Approval
  • Workflow Rules: Cross Field Update of Account Role
  • Enterprise Search: External ID added to basic and advanced search
  • Enhanced Alternative Items – Action Renumber
  • Track Deleted Sales Quotes

What’s new in 1802?

  • Configure Re-submit for Quote Approvals
  • Configure External Pricing Call
  • Inbound Replication
  • Submit Quote without Items
  • Item Involved Parties
  • Create Sales Quote from Sales Order
  • Create Sales Quote from Contact Person
  • New Data Source – Sales Quote Related Documents
  • Enhanced Configurable Message Severity
  • Enhanced Approval/Workflow Work Distribution and Conditions
  • New Status “Follow-up Transfer Status”
  • Enhanced Authorization via BAdI Implementation

What’s new in 1805?

  • Consider Canceled Items in Total Calculation
  • Configure Re-Submit of Quotes In Approval
  • Click-to-Call Integration in Fiori Client
  • Error Messages Buffering related to External Pricing
  • Determination Method for Item Involved Parties and Contacts
  • Color Coding for ATP Check in Fiori Client
  • Enhanced Data Workbench support for Sales Quote includes actions Submit, Set to Won
  • Enhanced Web Service allows adding External Price Conditions
  • Enhanced Output Message that includes Status and Payment Terms on Item Level


What’s new in 1808?

  • Versions
  • Product Recommendations based on Machine Learning (Beta)
  • UI Optimization – Vertical split of Products view
  • Delete Related Activities
  • Enhanced Party Determination for Standard Parties
  • Enhanced Data Workbench Support including Pricing
  • Delete Items via Multi Select
  • Enhanced Output Message that includes symbol for UoM


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