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Tables Related to the tabs in MSMP

Hello Team,


Please find the tables where the data get stored whenever you are configuring MSMP.


Tables Related to  



  1. GRFNMWCNPRCS:                 Table Where Process Id and Process Type are stored
  2. GRFNMWCNPRCST:               Table Where the Process Description is stored
  3. GRFNMWCNPRINI:                 Table Where Process Id and Rule IDs are Stored



  1. GRFNMWCNGLBSET:                     Table Where Global Settings Per Process is Stored
  2. GRFNMWCNGLBNOT:                    Table Where Global Notification Settings are Stored
  3. GRFNMWCNESCCOND:                 Table Where Escape Conditions are Stored
  4. GRFNMWCNGLBESR:                    Table Where Escape Paths are Stored



Tables Related to  



  1. GRFNMWCNRULEID:                 Table that stores Rule ID, Rule type and Rule Kind
  2. GRFNMWCNRRESL:                  Table that stores Rule ID and Rule Result Value


Tables Related to  



  1. GRFNMWCNAGNT:                Table that stores Agent id, Agent Type and Agent Purpose



Tables Related to  



  1. GRFNMWNOTIFTEMP: Stores Process Type, template ID , Message Class and Number



  1. GRFNMWNOTIFVARBL-              Stores Process Type and Template Variable
  2. GRFNMWNOTIFVARBT-              Stores Process Type, Template Variable and description




Tables Related to 



  1. GRFNMWCNPATH:            Table where Paths are stored.
  2. GRFNMWCNSTG:              Table where all the Stages are stored.



  1. GRFNMWCNSTG:              Table where Stage Seq. No and Stage Config IDs are stored
  2. GRFNMWCNSTGT:            Table where all the Stage Descriptions are stored
  3. GRFNMWCNAGNT:           Table Where All Agent IDs are stored
  4. GRFNMWCNESCTYPE:     Table Where All Escalation Types are stored



Tables Related to 



  1. GRFNMWCNROUTE:        Table where all the Route Mapping is stored



Hope this helps.



Rakesh Ram M


P.S: Will add few more tables to the same blog in the coming few days

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