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FAQ’s on Expense Report Approvals – BYD

Please find the below FAQ’s on the topic Expense Report Approvals.

1. Does Multi-Step Approval Supported?

2. System Allowing to Define Multi-Step Approval in the Application and User Management > Approval Process?

Even though system doesn’t show any error while adding multiple row and define conditions to your Approval Process, the conditions you defined will not work if it is Multi-Step.

3. What is the ideal step/condition in the Approval Process to be set?
 Use > Default approval process for Expense Report
Step should be only one.
 The work distribution is Approver of highest costs or Line Manager of Employee.
 The condition has to be Expense Report Approval Configuration Equal to Yes.

4. Can an Admin person change an approver in a T&E report without changing the Org. Mgt / Org Structure chart?

The approver controls the task, so he/she can forward it to another approver or he/she can define a substitute, this is standard Business Task Management technology. In addition, the expense reporter or the auditor can edit the expense report again, which leads to a withdraw from approval.

5. Is there a way for an approver to set a Vacation rule if they will be off work for a week?

Application & User Management ( Task Substitution ) is the setting.

6. How to enable self-approval for Expense Reports for Approver’s?

Fine-tune activity: Business Task Management for Expense and Reimbursement Management > Edit self-approval and self-audit settings

7. An approver of an Org Structure cannot approve their own Expense Report is set by removing the flag as per above Question: 6, so they need to have an Approver manually assigned to them, is there a way to set up an Approver for automatic determination?

Refer to Case Document: 1944022 – Change Default Approver Determination For Expense Reports.

8. Expense reports are still being self-approved and the ER is not going to manager’s manager for approval ?

-> Org Management > Org Structure > searched for Organizational Structure: ABC CORP > timelines Organizational Unit Manager: Mr. X (Employee) ( check the validity either it may not be valid for the expense report dates )

 -> For the Org Unit that you are submitting an expense report, you need to make sure the above hierarchy Org Unit has a Reporting Line Unit enabled (RLU) marked which is also valid for the date you are submitting an expense report then the manager for the RLU will be picked as a the approver if it is valid.

Please reply/comment if there is any other specific question for which you are seeking an answer to or any clarification needed on the above Q&A.

Lokesh Sharma

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      Author's profile photo Ankur SHUKLA
      Ankur SHUKLA

      Hello Lokesh,


      Thank you for this detailed FAQs.


      I have an addtional question. In my Tenant, I have 2 entities, for which I have 2 different Secretaries who must review and accept the Expense Reports before they are actually sent for Approval?


      How do I define or tag which Employee act as a Responsbile person for this Task by Entity?


      Thanks in advance for your answer.




      Author's profile photo Lokesh P
      Lokesh P
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ankur,

      Multiple approvers are not possible and if you want may be you go for Audit Required before approval.

      In the fine-tune activity > Business Task Management for Expense and Reimbursement Management
      Edit Audit and approval scenarios
      You can mention Audit Required.

      This ensures, it goes to the auditor first before approval.



      Lokesh Sharma

      Author's profile photo Monica YOUSSEF
      Monica YOUSSEF

      Hello Lokesh,


      I had a comment is it possible to define criteria for example :


      A manager is allowed to claim 100 USD

      Employees are allowed only 70 usd

      Also, possible to say like meals limit is x and fuel is y ?

      Author's profile photo Rachel Hsu
      Rachel Hsu


      Until now, any change for the multi-step approval in Travel and Expense of Bydesign?

      My customer want to setup the approval by different dollars to different person to admit.

      Would you have any ideas to setup?

      Thank you