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  1. Simen Huuse

    Hi Meghna! This is great, thank you so much for your post.

    We have a scenario where we want to connect C4C to a backend SAP ERP, and I’m thinking that the cloud connector might do the trick. We know which HCI account we wish to use, but my question is then: Do we connect the SCC to SCP or to HCI? I’m finding it hard to understand the technical relations between a Cloud Integration account and a SCP account 🙂

    Best regards,


    1. Meghna Shishodiya Post author

      The Cloud Connector needs to be configured with the Cloud Platform. Cloud Platform Integration takes the information about the configured cloud connectors from the platform – in case multiple cloud connectors are configured with the same Cloud Platform account, the location ID parameter can be used. I hope this clarifies.



  2. Mike Fields

    Hi Meghna thank you for your post,


    I dont know where we should install de Cloud Connector or what should be the best practice for this… should we install it in the same place as the on-premise system (i.e. the same server/machine/vm) or we should get an additional Machine for this?


    thank you again,



    1. Midhun VP

      Hi Mike,

      I would suggest you install it on a separate server rather than installing it on a server with other software though technically there are no restrictions to do it. But, if you have a dedicated server for SCC it is not affected if you need a downtime for other software updates.

      You can find sizing guide here:

      Thanks Midhun

      Customer Success team


      1. Meghna Shishodiya Post author

        As pointed by Midhun, as the SAP Cloud Connector connects to multiple backend systems, there should be a separate host used for it.

        Also, to add, we recommend to setup the Cloud Connector on a system located in the DMZ. However, a setup directly in the network of the attached systems is also ok.

  3. Gunnlaugur Th Einarsson

    Hi Meghna.

    Regarding this note “Note that even if you are using https between SCC and the back-end system, you need to use http on the URL for the iflow. This is however not a security risk since the Cloud Connector proxy / connectivity agent runs on the same application VM.

    Any thoughts or experience if this is needed using the LDAP adapter?



  4. Jens Schwendemann

    Meghna / all


    with interest I saw that you could specify the location ID in a SOAP receiver channel. We are to integrate standard content that uses IDoc as receiver channel. However, there seems no field for location ID with that channel type. Is this a missing functionality or not possible due to technical reasons?





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