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Fixed Asset Acquisition on Project

By default, new fixed assets are assigned to cost centers. Nevertheless, for project-based scenarios, it might be needed to assign those to projects. This article describes how to achieve this.


To enable this feature, you have to go to fine-tuning, activity Account Assigment Types. There, go to Maintain Account Assigment Types. Now you have to extend the allowed account assignments for account assignment type IMAT – Individual Material. Add account assignment Project Task to it, with optional data input control (recommendation only).

Everywhere where IMATs are used, you can now assign it to a project. Before, there was the only possibility to assign it to a cost center.

Process steps

Create a purchase order

This description starts with the purchase order, well knowing that other process start points (purchase request, …) might be possible. So, go to work center Purchase Requests and Orders, and create a purchase order. I created a non-stock (process type) material item, entered a description and assigned it to a product category (here: 103 – IT Equipment).

In tab account assignment, choose account assignment type “IMAT – Individual Material”. Then, click on button new individual material and create the IMAT. Don’t use New Individual Materials, mass creation is currently not supported.


Assign it to a project task.

Click on Order to release the PO.

Reception of the fixed asset

Receive the laptop in work center Goods and Service Receipts, view Purchase Orders to by delivered: Select the PO you have just created in the list of outstanding deliveries and click on New Goods and Service Receipt.

Post it.

Review fixed asset

Now, check the work center Fixed Asset, View Fixed Assets – a new fixed asset has been created, it is assigned to a fixed asset.

Related steps

Of course, you will receive a supplier invoice and have to execute the GR/IR Clearing Run. At period end, you will do a depreciation run. Depreciation calculated will be debited to the project assigned.

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  • Hi Thomas,
    Thank you for the detailed blog!

    I just did some test in my system and found out that I can only assigned the Individual Material (Fixed Asset) to Direct Cost Project and Internal Project.

    I tried with Multiple Customer Project and Customer Project and the system gave me an error.

    “Project task MCP1 (Multiple Customer Project) is other than overhead cost and direct cost ledger account with individual material as primary account assignment”

    Do you know whether it is possible to acquire Fixed Asset to Customer Project in the future?

    Thank you!

    Nguyen Ly

  • Hello Nguyen,

    yes, this is a limitation we have this is. Does work only for the project types you mentioned. May I invite you to share a request for more on IdeasPlace?

    Best regards,



  • Hi Thomas,


    Has there been any update to this functionalities? Can we depreciate Fixed Asset to Customer Project now? Thanks a lot for your help!