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Abandon shopping cart campaigns with product content and dynamic campaign flow

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud allows to design and execute trigger-based campaigns which can react in real-time to consumer actions e.g. in the webshop or any other sales, marketing or service touchpoint.

A very good example for this is the “abandon shopping cart” use case in which all consumers shall be contacted which created a shopping cart without going to the checkout while excluding those which finally finished their cart.

See the video below to learn how this works in detail.


Here you find more examples and details on how to use trigger-based campaigns e.g. for after-sales marketing:

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  • Hello Jan,

    thanks for the great video. One question we asked yourselves is if it is possible to include the individual products currently in the shopping cart in the abandoned shopping cart email?

    Regards Christopher.

  • Hi Chistopher,

    in general this is possible. The Hybris Marketing Interaction created would contain the products in the cart. From this interaction products can be read. Due to a limitation in the Hybris marketing Content Studio currently only one product can be included in the the email. Getting over this limitation is on the roadmap however.



    • Hi Matthias,


      I can only see from the content studio configuration that the Interaction fields are not available. Where exactly is this possible?




    Hi Mike,

    not sure what you mean with "not available". In the settings area of the email in content studio you have to assign a segmentation profile that acts as datasource. If there is a profile assigned that has interactions in it, you'd have the corresonding fields available in the content studio.



  • Hello All,

    How the Cart Abandoned functionality works if the consumer data is not available in yMKT? The trigger will be there in yMKT, but what will happen if the consumer record doesn't exist in the hybris marketing system?