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Step-by-step Creation of sales order using BAPI in ODATA services


I would like to explain about creation of the sales order using BAPI by step by step procedure.This blog is mainly usefull for beginners.

 About OData: This service is used for build the services through URI in XML format.It is the back end development system for getting the data from SAP.It accesses through Restful API.We can access these services through UI5,other non-sap systems(Ex: Java,etc..)

Sales order(SO): The Sales Order is a  document confirmation sent to the customers before delivering the goods or services. Sales Order can be created once the quote is accepted by your prospective customer.

Coming to the creation of sales order based on RFC  we are using the function module ‘BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2‘.

Follow these below steps:

1.Go to T-code ‘SEGW’ and click on create an icon.Give the ‘Project name’ and ‘Description’.


2.Right click on Data model–>Import–>RFC

3.Give the Entity type name and Data sources.Give the name as  function module  ‘BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2‘.

4.Select the Header details as well as item and what we want to require choose those the fields and click on next button.

5.We can see all the selected fields as below.

6.Click on ‘Generate runtime objects‘ button and the message shows generated successfully as below..

Note: we can see the created entity type and entity set.


7.Now Goto  Service implementation and right click on ‘Get entity(Read).

Note:We can create order only after getting the data through set.

8.Click on methods–>inherited–>Redefine and write the logic.

METHOD salesorderset_get_entity.

*Data Declaration
DATA:lv_vbeln TYPE vbeln.
DATA : wa_keytab TYPE /iwbep/s_mgw_name_value_pair.
*Read the table
READ TABLE it_key_tab INTO wa_keytab INDEX 1.
IF it_key_tab IS NOT INITIAL.
FROM vbak
INTO lv_vbeln
WHERE vbeln EQ wa_keytab-value.
er_entity-salesdocument = lv_vbeln.



9.Follow the same steps to Create entity.

10.Redefine the  function and write the Logic for Create entity.

METHOD salesorderset_create_entity.

* * Data declarations.
DATA: v_vbeln TYPE bapivbeln-vbeln,
wa_header TYPE bapisdhd1,
wa_headerx TYPE bapisdhd1x,
wa_item TYPE bapisditm,
it_item TYPE TABLE OF bapisditm,
wa_itemx TYPE bapisditmx,
it_itemx TYPE TABLE OF bapisditmx,
wa_partner TYPE bapiparnr,
it_partner TYPE TABLE OF bapiparnr,
wa_return TYPE bapiret2,
it_return TYPE TABLE OF bapiret2,
wa_text TYPE bapisdtext,
it_text TYPE TABLE OF bapisdtext,
wa_condition TYPE bapicond,
it_condition TYPE TABLE OF bapicond,
wa_conditionx TYPE bapicondx,
it_conditionx TYPE TABLE OF bapicondx,
wa_schedule TYPE bapischdl,
it_schedule TYPE TABLE OF bapischdl,
wa_schedulex TYPE bapischdlx,
it_schedulex TYPE TABLE OF bapischdlx.

DATA: es_table TYPE zcl_zcreate_so_bapi88_mpc=>ts_salesorder.

*Read the entry data
io_data_provider->read_entry_data( IMPORTING es_data = es_table ).

* Header data
wa_header-doc_type = es_table-doc_type.
wa_header-sales_org = es_table-sales_org.
wa_header-distr_chan = es_table-distr_chan.
wa_header-division = es_table-division.”’00’.
* APPEND wa_header .

wa_headerx-updateflag = ‘I’.
wa_headerx-doc_type = ‘X’.
wa_headerx-sales_org = ‘X’.
wa_headerx-distr_chan = ‘X’.
wa_headerx-division = ‘X’.

* Partner data
* Sold to
wa_partner-partn_role = es_table-partn_role.”‘AG’.
wa_partner-partn_numb = es_table-partn_numb.”‘0000023422’.
APPEND wa_partner TO it_partner.

* Item data
* Line item number.
wa_item-itm_number = es_table-itm_number.” ‘000013’.
wa_item-material = es_table-material.”‘CYD’.
wa_item-plant = es_table-plant.” ‘SL31’.
wa_item-target_qty = es_table-target_qty.”‘2’.
APPEND wa_item TO it_item.

wa_itemx-itm_number = ‘000013’.
wa_itemx-material = ‘X’.
wa_itemx-plant = ‘X’.
wa_itemx-target_qty = ‘X’.
wa_itemx-updateflag = ‘I’.
APPEND wa_itemx TO it_itemx.

wa_condition-itm_number = es_table-itm_number.”‘000013’.
wa_condition-cond_type = es_table-cond_type.”‘ZN00’.
wa_condition-cond_value = es_table-cond_value.”‘9000’.
APPEND wa_condition TO it_condition.

wa_conditionx-itm_number = ‘000013’.
wa_conditionx-itm_number = ‘X’.
wa_conditionx-cond_type = ‘X’.
wa_conditionx-cond_value = ‘X’.
wa_conditionx-updateflag = ‘X’.
APPEND wa_conditionx TO it_conditionx.

wa_text-text_line = es_table-text_line.”‘Please give the text’.
APPEND wa_text TO it_text.

wa_schedule-itm_number = es_table-itm_number.”‘000013’.
wa_schedule-req_qty = es_table-req_qty.”‘2’.
APPEND wa_schedule TO it_schedule.

wa_schedulex-itm_number = ‘000013’.
wa_schedulex-req_qty = ‘X’.
wa_schedulex-updateflag = ‘I’.
APPEND wa_schedulex TO it_schedulex.

order_header_in = wa_header
order_header_inx = wa_headerx
salesdocument = v_vbeln
return = it_return
order_items_in = it_item
order_items_inx = it_itemx
order_partners = it_partner
order_text = it_text
order_conditions_in = it_condition
order_conditions_inx = it_conditionx
order_schedules_in = it_schedule
order_schedules_inx = it_schedulex

er_entity = es_table.
* Check the return table.
LOOP AT it_return INTO wa_return WHERE type = ‘E’ OR type = ‘A’.

IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
WRITE: / ‘Error in creating document’.
* Commit the work.
WRITE: / ‘Document ‘, v_vbeln, ‘ created’.


Save and Activate the entity sets.


11.Add and Maintain the service:

Go for the t-code  ‘ /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE‘ to add  the service.

Click on ‘Add service‘ to add service.

12.Give system name and click on ‘Get service‘ and the project will be found and select project click on  ‘Add selected service‘.It will automatically maintained the service.

13.After it will shows technical service with some details and Click on yes button.

14.Go back to maintain services and  select the project and Click on ‘Sap Gateway Client‘.

15.It will shows the HTTP Request with Request URI and selct the entity set name as below.

16.Give the sales order number for get the details by clicking on ‘Get‘ radiobutton in the request.

Execute the Request URI.

We will get the success message (status code:200) the order details will be displayed.

Click on ‘Use as Request‘ and change the data.

17. After change the data  click on ‘post‘ radiobutton for create.

Execute the Request by removing order number.The new salesorder is number is ‘20305‘ created with success message (Status code: ‘201‘) as below.

18.We can check the salesorder by going T-code va03.

Note: Created the Document see above.


Note:My next  blog will be about how we get filter,inlinecount,orderby operations in Odata services.



Thank you,


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      Author's profile photo Mantri Shekar
      Mantri Shekar

      Hi Sreeram,

      Am able to follow the document and created an odata service .

      But while posting am getting 400 bad request error.

      Could you please help me to resolve the issue.

      Author's profile photo sreeram gottapu
      sreeram gottapu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi shekar,

      Did you given the field values/entries clearly.

      Please check once and let me know.

      Author's profile photo Mantri Shekar
      Mantri Shekar

      Hi Sreeram,

      The issue i posted i  now solved.

      Now i need passed inputs and it created a sales order for below inputs

      <atom:content type="application/atom+xml">

      What if i want to insert multiple items.

      Could you please tell me how to pass request for multiple items




      Author's profile photo Vijay Dudla
      Vijay Dudla

      Sreeram, is this the way you use the ODATA for creating the order? how you handle multiple items i don't think the approach you are following is right with the ODATA for handling the deep structures.

      Author's profile photo kyo choi
      kyo choi

      You will have to add following properties to Sales Order to make sales order create work.

      Author's profile photo Kishore Joga
      Kishore Joga

      Hello Sreeram,


      Thanks for your blog, I have a question, after the successful creation of Sales Order, I am unable to get the Sales Order Number created in the back end system, I see that you have declared the statements

      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
      WRITE: / ‘Error in creating document’.
      * Commit the work.
      WRITE: / ‘Document ‘, v_vbeln, ‘ created’.


      But I am unable to get the Sales document number,  When I manually go to VA03, I can see that Sales Orders are getting created, But from Gateway Client when we send the order details and see a successful order creation, would like to get the Sales order created,can you please guide me.




      Author's profile photo Abhinandan Dutt
      Abhinandan Dutt

      Great work,

      but Is is possible to get "salesorderset_get_entityset" and if how pleas guide me i am new for odata services.

      just for reference to display all the data related to "VBELN".

      Author's profile photo Wajiha Khan
      Wajiha Khan

      Hi Sreeram,

      I have created the Odata successfully, but when trying to get existing sales order, its giving following error, pls help me.

      Author's profile photo rohan kadam
      rohan kadam

      Hi Sreeram,

      Please provide link to get filter,inlinecount,orderby operations in Odata services.


      Author's profile photo divakarraja s
      divakarraja s

      Hello Sreeram,

      Thank you for this Wonderful blog.




      Bijesh RB.