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SAP Business Client 6.5 – Getting Closer!

The latest version of SAP Business Client will be released soon together with SAP GUI for Windows 7.50*.

*Belize theme only fully supported when connected to S/4HANA on-premise 1610 >

What’s coming?

SAP Business Client supports SAP Belize theme!

Visual integration with the next generation of SAP Fiori launchpad** and SAP Fiori visual theme for classic applications (SAP Belize) for SAP S/4HANA on-premise 1610.
That is: A homogenous UI – Almost no visible difference no matter what type of application you open – SAP Fiori App, FPM / WDA, and SAP GUI for Windows transaction (see screenshots below). Including Fiori 2.0 features as notifications and enhanced support for SAP GUI transactions (system info, search, side panels).

**End users need SAP Business Client 6.5 to run SAP GUI for Windows from SAP Fiori launchpad

Enhanced browser integration

The MS WebBrowser control (“IE control”) is now running “out-of-process”, providing a faster and more stable browsing experience. Additionally, there is a new browser developer tool for the MS WebBrowser control, allowing a better analysis of HTML5 and JavaScript-based applications.


Example screenshots:

SAP Fiori launchpad with notifications

SAP Fiori App

WDA Application

Classic dynpro application (rendered by SAP GUI for Windows)

System Information for classic transactions in FLP connection

End of life:

SAP Business Client 6.5 is fully supported until April 9th, 2019.

2302074 – Maintenance strategy and deadlines for SAP Business Client / NWBC


We recommend that you always install the latest version of the SAP Fiori Frontend Server (FES 3.0) to simplify the implementation of SAP Fiori Apps and to run the SAP Fiori launchpad within SAP BC on the ABAP stack.


UI Roadmap

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  • Thanks for the update, Sandra!


    Looking forward to trying it out, once it's available!




    PS: For me as an RSS User it's very good that you created a new blog rather than updating an old one;

    So I would suggest, that once it's finally available, you could create ýet another new blog, that would give me the best visibility of the announcement.

    I do know, though, that RSS only plays a side roles, and there are surely other things to consider as well.

  • Hallo Sandra,

    thanks for the blog!

    Could you please explain a bite further the prerequirements.
    You mentioned "SAP AS ABAP 7.51" - does this mean that you need AS ABAP 7.51 in every case to use NWBC 6.5 or only for specific functions?
    Is AS ABAP 7.40 / UI 7.50 supported for a scenario without Fiori Launchpad (just some WDAs and GUI transactions..)?


    • Hi Florian,

      “not in every case (…) only for specific functions” and for the visual integration ("Systems based on SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.4 / NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.5 do NOT enable the consumption of the full capabilities of Fiori 2.0").

      See note 2355644



  • Hi Sandra,

    Looking forward to the release, thanks.

    Can you clarify what is available with ECC 6 on EHP 8 - i.e. recent ECC but without S/4.  We can run BC 6.5 and GUI 7.50 and most of this exept the Belize theme in NWBC?

    Regards,  Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Belize is for example supported for Web Dynpro ABAP and Floorplan Manager as of SAP_UI 751 SP00 without S/4HANA. But there are restrictions. Please have a look at the following blog by Oliver:





  • Hi Sandra,

    I have installed SAP Business Client 6.5 a few minutes ago and have started some tests (SolMan 7.2 - Fiori Launch Pad).

    I am wondering how to start the web applications e.g. SOLMAN_SETUP integrated in Business client from the Fiori Launch Pad. You have written:

    • MS WebBrowser control (“IE control”) running out-of-process to optimize memory allocation and tab handling

    Is it possible to switch this settings?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Jens,

      what do you mean by "switching this settings?". To disable the multi process option? Running out-of-process is standard behavior for common browsers and has nothing to do with launching apps from FLP integrated in SAP BC 6.5.



      • Hi Sandra,

        with Business Client 6.0 and FLP the application was opened in a new tab of the current Business Client window.

        Launching the same app with BC 6.5 opens a new window in IE11. How can I set the new BC to the old behaviour?

        Kind regards,


  • /
  • Hi Sandra,

    this looks great - the screenshots are very helpful.

    However for a new implementation of S/4 HANA 1610, why would a customer use Business Client 6.5, rather than just accessing Fiori launchpad through a browser?

    thanks, Roger


    • He might have some “classical applications” (e.g. SAP GUI for Windows standard transactions or custom transactions) not yet “Fiorisized(SAP Fiori App).  To be display via SAP GUI for Windows, not only via SAP GUI for HTML. If this is not the case FLP will be absolutely sufficient and recommended as the single-point of access for S/4Hana 1610.



  • Hello!

    Does SAP have plans to enable SAP Belize (via NWBC or SAP GUI) theme for ECC 6.07? If yes, are there any planned dates when SAP will release SAP Belize theme for classical GUI transactions for ECC 6.07?