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Introducing OData Adapter & Overview Page integration with Smart Business Service – Part 3

UPDATE (13/5/2017) : If you are experiencing issues with the Overview Pages, where the output is empty, please deactivate “OData Batch Mode” which was recently introduced in the Create Overview Page & Manage Overview Page Apps.

This blog is a continuation of a series of blogs that demonstrates how to use the new OData Adapter to consume any SAP or non-SAP OData services and quickly create KPI tiles on Fiori Launchpad. In this blog, I am going to show the configuration steps required to integrate these KPI tiles with Fiori Overview Pages (OVP).  As explained earlier,  Smart Business Service supports embedding of several chart types within the Overview pages(OVP). The OVP pages can be seen as a step between the basic information on the SAP Fiori Launchpad tiles and the full-blown information within the SAP Fiori applications. Again, you don’t need to write any line of code for this. Everything is taken care by way of configuration. The configurations of existing evaluation are used while displaying the OVP application. To summarize, you can create a KPI tile in the Fiori Launchpad and end users can click on it to navigate to an overview page and from the Overview Page they can drill down into each of the evaluation and view more details using the Generic drill down app.

Create Overview Page

In the Fiori Launchpad, you will be able to see several tiles related to creating and maintaining Overview Pages.

Once the KPIs, Evaluation and drill down configurations are in place, I can now proceed to create an OVP application by clicking on the tile “Create OVP”.

In the OVP Details section, I have provided the tile and description as shown below.

In the Global Filter settings, I have maintained the Source System details along with the Entity set. In the Card Configuration, I have maintained the KPI/Evaluation/Drill Down view created earlier.

After providing these values, if I click on “Configure Cards”, it will provide a popup as shown below where I can customize the card. For example, by default only 5 data points show up in each card. I can also configure the car navigation here.

After closing the Card Settings popup, the card details will be added to the OVP application at the bottom.

I have repeated the same process for the second evaluation

And the third evaluation as shown below.

Finally, I have saved and activated the OVP application.

Configure KPI Tile

We have an OVP application ready and the corresponding drill down applications. The last thing which needs to be done is creation of a KPI tile which shows up on the Launchpad. Navigate to the “Configure KPI Tile” tile and launch the application. This will list all the activate evaluations.  I have selected the first evaluation “Evaluation for Gross Amount” and configured a tile as shown below

I have selected the KPI Tile type as “Harvey Ball Tile” and in the Drill-down configuration, instead of referring to the generic drill-down configuration, I am now referring to the OVP page “Sales Overview Page”.

Click on “Save and publish Site” button. If you don’t see the changes in the Launchpad, I would suggest you edit the Fiori Launchpad portal site and publish it from there too.

Access the Fiori Launchpad

After the Fiori Launchpad site has been published, I should be able to find the KPI tile “Sales KPI” which shows the total Gross Amount value.

When I click on this tile, it will now take me to the OVP application which will show all multiple cards each with the chart representation configured in the respective drill down configurations. Notice that the data points are limited. I can move the cards around and arrange the layout.

When I click on any of the card, say the Gross sales by customer, the respective drill down application will be launched where I can get to see more details with all the information.

This shows how you can use Smart Business Service on SAP Cloud Platform and consume almost any type of OData service and display analytic contents on the Fiori Launchpad. You don’t need to wait for a HANA based system to expose your business data. You also don’t need to write any line of code to embed the analytic contents within an Overview page in the Fiori Launchpad. The entire process has been simplified in the Cloud Platform. Hope you found this useful.

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  • Hi Murali Shanmugham,

    Thanks for the great blog. This worked for me very well except for 1 thing. After publishing the Tile, when I clicked on the tile, the Overview page shows three cards but "NO Data" appears. When I click on the card it takes me to the drill down as expected. Could you please suggest what can be the error

    In the console I found out that system tries for a Batch operation, which fails.






    • Hi Yogendra,

      Can you please try to disable the "OData Batch Mode" in the configuration of the Overview page. This feature was recently introduced.

      • Hi Yogendra/Manikandan,

        It looks like something has changed on ES4 system and hence the OVP pages are not loading properly. I will update you once I find out a way to resolve this. Meanwhile, did you try with any other ABAP system ?



        • Hi Murali,

          I have tried with XS Odata Service as well but still the same error. Evaluation works fine and displays the data as required, but on the OVP it shows "NO Data".

          Can you please check URL of your service at the time of displaying OVP. does yours also do $batch?.

          for XS Odata system hits the url :





          • Hi Manikandan,

            Can you please try to disable the "OData Batch Mode" in the configuration of the Overview page. This feature was recently introduced.


    Hello Murali Shanmugham ,

    I didnt find any links regarding mentioned 3 tiles of OVP.
    Could you please tell me how to bring them to Launchpad screen?


    • Hi Harshin,

      Did you try to import the Apps to your site as mentioned in this blog -