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In my previous blog, I used OData Service Discovery to Measure my Raspberry Pi sensor data on the go with the Smart Business Service.

However, inspired by Raja Prasad Gupta’s blog Connect On-Premise HANA to Smart Business Service – An End-to-End Example I want to Enable Smart Business to Discover SAP HANA Analytic OData Services by SAP HANA views.

To start with, I download the respective Delivery Unit HANA CONT. SBS DISCOVERY 1.0:

And deploy it to my SAP Cloud Platform instance. To be able to do this I need Role sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::Administrator:

To simplify the OData discovery, I make the package anonymously accessible. To start with, I create a role with access to the 2 Views and the general analytic privilege _SYS_BI_CP_ALL:

role sap.smbaas.core.odata.modeler::anonymous
catalog sql object "_SYS_BIC"."sap.smbaas.core.v/GET_HANA_VIEWS": //Objecttype: VIEW
catalog sql object "_SYS_BIC"."sap.smbaas.core.v/GET_ODATA_FOR_HANA_VIEW": //Objecttype: VIEW
catalog analytic privilege : "_SYS_BI_CP_ALL";

Based on this I create my anonymous.xssqlcc file:

    "description" : "anonymous",
    "role_for_auto_user" : "sap.smbaas.core.odata.modeler::anonymous"


Modify my .xsaccess file:

	"exposed" : true,
	"cache_control": "no-cache, no-store",
    "authentication": null,
    "anonymous_connection": "sap.smbaas.core.odata.modeler::anonymous"


And add a .xsjs file:

var conn = $.db.getConnection("sap.smbaas.core.odata.modeler::anonymous");

So, that I can Activate anonymous access:

For my Business System, I can now choose Service Discovery Type HANA Calc View-based Discovery:

Subsequently, in my Create KPI or OPI app I can Select view:

While OData Service Discovery works perfectly fine, I like the for me more intuitive way to Discover SAP HANA Analytic OData Services by SAP HANA views.

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  1. Gregor Wolf

    Hi Frank,

    thank you for this Blog which I found when searching for smbaas. Can’t understand why the SAP Documentation doesn’t include the correct name of the download in service marketplace.

    Best regards



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