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Connect SAP Web IDE to remote system

In order to use SAP Web IDE on SAP Cloud Platform to build web application which will interact with your internal systems, you need to build the connection between Cloud Platform and your own On-Premise System firstly.


Config SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector

  • Download connector from (my OS is Windows 10, 64bit) and install
  • Launch go.bat in C -> SAP -> scc20
  • Open Cloud Connector via https://localhost:8443/
  • Logon with user Administrator(case sensitive), password by default is manage
  • Add your SAP Cloud Platform user
  • Once it’s configured, click ‘Cloud To On-Premise’  at the left side of the menu bar
  • Add new entry to ‘Mapping Virtual To Internal System’ in tab ‘Access Control’PS: protocol & corresponding port should be checked from the system configuration. You can find the effective HTTP domain and port via: T-code SMICM
  • After save, check connect via:
  • Once it’s reachable, add needed resources via:

Now you have finished steps in Cloud Connector.

Add connection in SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

  • Click Connectivity -> Destinations -> New Destination
  • Add system I73 with additional propertiesPS: Here I use odata_abap,dev_abap,ui5_execute_abap as the WebIDEUsage
  • Check connection:

Now you can work on system I73.

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    • This happens when another program is using the same port as the one that was set up on the installation of the SCC. If none was set up, the default port that is used is 8443.



      • In order to know which ports are already in use by another process, execute the command "netstat -aon" in a command prompt. This command will show the process ID of the process listening on the port which the SCC is trying to use. If the socket is listening for incoming connections (and therefore in use), then its state will be "LISTEN".
      • Doublecheck the same process ID in the task manager on the tab Details.
      • Do a clean installation, completely removing all the SCC components before starting a new installation process.
      • When doing this new Cloud Connector installation, use a different port from the ones that are already in use, as per "netstat -aon" command. Step 4 of the Installer Scenario section of this documentation shows how to do this.