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How To Report on Interactions for Sales Orders with Reference to Campaigns

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud delivers various CDS Consumption Views (Queries) for reporting on interactions which are captured in the Marketing system.

If it is required to provide a report for a dedicated interaction type, for example interactions for Sales Orders, which carry also a reference to a campaign, can this be achieved by means of extensibility as follows:

  1. First logon as Administrator and open the app Custom CDS Views
  2. to create your own custom CDS view
  3. Specify name and label and define the CDS view with the property “Analytical” as “Cube”
  4. Add the Primary Data Source I_Mkt_Interaction
  5. Add the associated data source I_Mkt_Initiative
  6. Search for I_Mkt_Initiative and add the data source
  7. Specify the association between the primary data source I_Mkt_Interactions and the associated data source I_Mkt_Initiative, use as cardinality “One or more hits”

  8. In the next step add also the associated data source I_Mkt_Contact
  9. Specify the association between the primary data source I_Mkt_Interactions and the associated data source I_Mkt_Contact, use as cardinality “One or more hits”

    Select the desired fields from the data sources interaction contact and campaign.
    In particular take over the field “InteractionType”, because this is needed for filterng the interactions for Sales Order and of course the filed “InteractionAmount” and “Currency” for the desired result on sales volume.
  10. Define the field properties, in particular the aggregation type and the semantic vaule “Currency” for the InteractionAmount.
  11. Activate the CDS Query by means of the button “Publish”

As a result you have created a proper Custom CDS View being used for a Custom Analytical Query  to create the desired report on Sales Volume with Reference to Campaigns.

To do so, please follow the steps which are described in the Blog

Note, that in the Custom Analytical Query it is then needed to specify a filter on the attribute “InteractionType” with the Value ‘SALES_ORDER’ as illustrated in this screenshot.

This is important in order to make sure that only interactions of type sales orders are selected by the custom query.


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  • Hi Josef,

    I do not see how you default 'SALES_ORDER' on the InteractionType field in the Custom Analytical Query.  Is it possible to default multiple values for the InteractionType?



  • Hi Steve,

    yes this is possible. Please refer to the attached screenshot

    Best Regards,

    Josef Ehbauer
    Product Owner Hybris Marketing

  • Hi Joseph


    For the Interaction date, I see this view is only having  "InteractionUTCDate", from end user perspective UTC date might not suitable and rather confusing.

    Is there any way to translate this UTC date into different timezone?





    • Hi Irna,

      I think, this is done automatically by the system, because in the User Interface the time is always shown in the timezone which the business user has specified in the desktop setting.

      Best Regards,
      Josef Ehbauer
      Product Owner Hybris Marketing