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Author's profile photo Milja Gillespie

SAP Fiori Cloud in 3 Minutes

I was recently asked to deliver a presentation on SAP Fiori Cloud – in only 3 minutes. Needless to say, sticking to 3 minutes is hard when there is so much to say! I ended up writing notes and thought I’d share them here for anyone interested in a beginner’s look at SAP Fiori Cloud.

I think it’s important to set the context for why SAP Fiori is important. In our user-centric world, we don’t want to limit ourselves to thinking about the usability of a particular system. It’s more about how easy it is for people to achieve their goals while interacting with that system – or with multiple systems.

Sometimes I can’t believe it has already been 10 years since the first iPhone came out. Over that time, the overall experience of consumer apps has set the new standard of expectations for enterprise apps. People expect the same ease of use and convenience with their enterprise software that they experience with their personal apps.

That’s why we introduced SAP Fiori, and more specifically SAP Fiori Cloud – which runs in SAP Cloud Platform: to provide a simple user experience for all SAP software. We bring together SAP Fiori apps that simplify how your users access S/4HANA and Business Suite systems through a single entry point.

Ultimately our goal with SAP Fiori is to provide a simplified user experience to help you deploy apps that people will enjoy using.

When I talk about SAP Fiori, the first question I am often asked is “what exactly do you get when you purchase SAP Fiori Cloud”. The technologies included are the following:

  • The SAP Fiori apps themselves
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • The Fiori configuration cockpit
  • OData Provisioning – essentially “Gateway in the cloud”
  • Cloud Connector to securely connect to the backend
  • UI Theme designed to apply your own look and feel
  • Build – our UX design and prototyping tools
  • Web IDE to customize, extend and develop apps
  • And Mobile Services (which we’ll cover in the next slide)

I like to summarize this into the four key takeaways on why SAP Fiori cloud is compelling:

  • The SAP Fiori apps themselves are managed by SAP
  • You don’t have to deploy anything onsite
  • OData Provisioning is included
  • You can easily mobilize the Fiori apps you build

It is only natural that user experience and mobile go hand it hand. Mobile is one of the key ways that we can simplify user experience. I’ve been asked many times “Why can’t you just take an HTML5 app and open it on a mobile device?” My response to this is a simple question, “would you rather go to a browser, find a bookmark and wait for the page to load? Or would you expect to click on an app icon, see the app open in seconds and already be connected to the system?” I think the answer should be obvious – you want to do what people expect. And with Fiori Cloud we make that very easy.

Rather than worrying about hiring developers to mobilize your Fiori apps, we have built in the ability to easily mobilize the Fiori HTML5 apps for optimal use on mobile devices. You can easily take advantage of mobile features like GPS, contacts, camera, barcode scanning etc. and mobilize your Fiori apps within minutes.

Of course, for very sophisticated and advanced custom app development we also have mobile developer tools to enable those use cases.

Ultimately we want to make it simple for companies to adopt SAP Fiori on both desktops and mobile devices. You can learn more about SAP Fiori Cloud at

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      Author's profile photo Peter Brasket
      Peter Brasket

      Very concise introduction on the importance of Fiori, and leverage via SAP Fiori Cloud!

      As for the importance: millions of SAP users leveraging tens of thousands of SAPGUI apps will enjoy the greater mobility and productivity of Fiori - whether Cloud or on-prem.

      Author's profile photo Ulf Zeisberger
      Ulf Zeisberger

      Hi Miljia,

      can you make the screenshots available bigger?

      Author's profile photo Sreenivasan Jai A J
      Sreenivasan Jai A J


      Can we use Fiori cloud with a S/4 HANA 1909 system as the Backend system.