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Author's profile photo Stefan Geiselhart

SAP Agile Data Preparation – ADP – Some of the Essentials (Video-Blog)

SAP Agile Data Preparation – Video Blog

  • At the bottom part of this page you will find the link to the videos.


Blog History:

  • 04/03/2017 – initially created + added video link Steps 1 – 12 (~20 minutes)
  • 04/04/2017 – added video link: Step 13 – Cleansing and Data Quality (~4 minutes)
  • 04/11/2017 – added video link: Step 14 – Filtering your Worksheet (~2 minutes)
  • 04/18/2017 – added video link: Step 15 – Operationalize your ADP Worksheets (~4 minutes)


Introduction ADP:

SAP Agile Data Preparation transforms data into actionable, easily consumable information by providing fast, self-service access to high-value data. Empower business users to instantly improve the value of data by discovering, prepping, and sharing data. Optimize ITs ability to govern how business users are preparing data by monitoring and operationalizing data access and usage. Accelerate business efficiency with trusted data by helping data stewards define, assess, and improve data. Drive more successful analytics, data migration, and master data management initiatives with data preparation capabilities for everyone. Available on-Cloud and on-Premise.

The leveraged services of the SAP HANA Platform are (mainly HANA EIM Options):

  • Smart Data Integration (SDI)
  • Smart Data Quality (SDQ)
  • Enterprise Semantic Services (ESS)
  • HANA Rules Framework (HRF) – optional component




In this video you will get to know some of the essentials of SAP Agile Data Preparation – ADP.

It does not cover the entire functional scope of ADP, it outlines some of the most commonly used functionality.

I am trying to enrich this and other blog entries with some more features and use cases of SAP ADP.


Used media/script:

The video describes 15 steps. Before each step is conducted, a brief wrap-up slide will introduce you to the executed activities and used features.


Use Case:

Typical ADP use cases span analytics, data migration, data quality assessment and all flavors of integration. However, the use case described in this video blog example is pretty straightforward:

A business user wants to combine some sales data with customer master data. One of his aims is to share his results with others. Moreover, he wants to define business rules on worksheets that enable options such as data quality dashboards or the like. Data stewardship capabilities must also be feasible and he expects to get some better insight into the profile of his data.



In a nutshell, these are some of the features that the video will show and explain:

Video 1:

  • Data acquisition via file upload, paste from clipboard
  • Worksheet creation, combination, pivot/unpivot
  • Deduplication of customer master data
  • Action history – do/undo steps
  • Ad-hoc data profiling with HANA ESS (Enterprise Semantic Services) – natively integrated into ADP
  • Creation of calculated columns
  • Creation of business rules and rule collections (ADP Business Rule Repository)
  • Creation of data domains, scorecards and scorecard sets to enable data steward like capabilities
  • Schedule scorecard set and drill-down into data quality
  • Table export, reuse of HANA tables for data domain

Video 2:

  • Data Quality using HANA SDQ – Cleanse Worksheet (define cleanse settings/output)

Video 3:

  • Filter worksheet on cleansing results, rule results, various columns of you base dataset

Video 4:

  • Operationalize your measures that you have undertaken within an ADP worksheet and hand it over to IT as an *.hdbflowgraph file to get it refined further


Video Links:




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Many thx and have fun with this blog entry,


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      Author's profile photo Simon Kessler
      Simon Kessler

      Thanks Stefan for sharing. ADP looks very promising!

      Author's profile photo Farid Okhovat-Alavian
      Farid Okhovat-Alavian

      Hi Stefan and thanks for the very interesting post.

      I have a question yet: we are evaluating the ADP solution right now. I am wondering if there is any way / an adapter for using a SAP Business Suite (e. g. SAP ERP/ECC6.0) as a data source (this is possibe for example in Data Services).

      I could not find it. Do you have any hint for us about this matter?

      Thanks and K. R.


      Author's profile photo Farid Okhovat-Alavian
      Farid Okhovat-Alavian

      Hi Stefan, great blog, thank you.

      May be I can ask some questions:

      There is a role / permission management in ADP.

      At the same time it is possible to manage roles and permission directly on HANA (e. g. using the HANA Studio). Is there a dirfference?

      The other question will be:

      while SAP ADP needs services of Data Provisioning Server, SDI and SDQ, does one need ADP at all? What is the benfit? I encountered that the list of supported connectors by DP is much longer than that of SAP ADP. In this terms SAP ADP shows up as a kind of disgrading when it comes to: which types of systems one can connect (e. g. I am missing an Adapter/Connector for SAP ABAP Systems).

      Thanhd and K. R.