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Hybris Commerce Suite Installation

Hybris, which is one of the e-commerce software Suite that offers B2C(Business to Customer) and B2B(Business to Business) store functionality. Now we are going to install Hybris commerce suite.

Note: Here I am using 6.2 Version Hybris Commerce Suite.

Let’s see the steps to setup the Hybris

Step 1:

Here we are extracting the Hybris Commerce Suite to our desired folder.

This step states that the extraction process is going on.


Step 2:

Hybris Commerce Suite Extracts all the data in it as below.


Step 3:

Now double click on the Hybris which I had highlighted.

Step 4:

Then you will be directed to “bin” folder and double click on “bin” folder.


Step 5:

Here apart from “Platform” all others are Extensions.Double click on Platform.


Step 6:

Go to your path Hybris->bin->platform>cmd.



Step 7:

Go to your path Hybris->bin->platform>setantenv.bat and  Press Enter.


Step 8:

Here we will get the Ant version.



Step 9:

Go to your path Hybris->bin->platform>ant clean all and Press Enter.


We will get the “Build Successful” message.


Step 10:

After completion of these process, some folders will be automatically added to the “bin” folder.

Step 11:

Now go to your path hybris->bin->platform>hybrisserver.bat and Press Enter.


we will get the server started message.


Step 12:

Now go to URL: http://localhost:9001 Then we will get HAC(Hybris administration console) and click on initialization.

Then we will get HAC(Hybris administration console) and Click on Initialization.



After some time we will get the finished message then Click on Continue button.

Step 13:

Here we need to provide our user details and click on login button.

Username: admin

Password: nimda

Step 14:

Now go to HAC->Platform->Extensions. Here we get the list of Extensions.


We can choose whatever extension we need.

Step 15:

To stop the Hybris server use command-> CTRL+C and then select Y or N.If  we select  ‘Y’ then the server will shut down successfully.

Different products of SAP Hybris are as follows.

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Billing
  • Sales
  • Service and
  • YaaS

Thank you.

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  • Great blog Babu! Just a quick question. Did you install any extensions at all or just initialize? If so, which recipet/extension did you install. For some reason, my \hmc does not exist when searched.

    Thank you for your time,



  • Hello Babu,

    Very helpful instructions. after that should we import the extensions in eclipse or STS?

    when I tried that it have a lot of errors; mostly they were " cannot be resolved to a type " . Is there a way to do it to avoid such problem?


    Thanks in advace,


  • Hello


    Thanks for this useful information. i am trying to install sap hybris on my system. In the steps given above, i'm getting error at step no 9 with build failed:

    could not find file c:\hybris\***\platform\${ext.smartedit.path}\web\webroot\static-resources\webApplicationInjector.js to copy.

    my setup file is latest: HYBRISCOMM6500P_3-80003045

    please help.



    Deepak Mehmi

    • Hi Ravi


      Thanks for your reply. i think i can use below link as a guide to add smartedit extn.


      But i dont know how i can download smartedit extn. I am searching in below URL but it doesnt seem to be helpful.

      can you please help.

  • We have a situation that is we need to add 2 solr index servers on 2 dedicated hosts in order to speed up the search.

    Could someone also write about how to install solr index server on 2 dedicated hosts for the same Hybris cluster?




  • Hi All,

    I  tried to install utility accelerator but failed to install sap_aom_som_b2b_b2c. I followed the steps mentioned in the blog but it gives an error message that

    Could not execute createConfig ant target
    The Task.leftShift(Closure) method has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in Gradle 5.0. Please use Task.doLast(Action) instead.
    :recipes/sap_aom_som_b2b_b2c:validateDataHub FAILED

    * What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ':recipes/sap_aom_som_b2b_b2c:validateDataHub'.
    > Please download the datahub zip from Extension Marketplace and unpack it to D:\Utility\hybris\bin\platform/../ext-integration/datahub/web-app


    I tried all steps but I was not able to find the datahub extendion sdk jar file. I am using 6.6 seems it does not support. Could you insist me further


    Kind Regards

  • Hi Babu,


    We have installed commerce on our local machine. We want to integrate Commerce system with our SAP Marketing and S4HANA system. Will it be possible without hosting our Hybris Commerce system on server?