This was a webcast last week which was mostly a demonstration of SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0.  You can see a demo from this recording in this blog: here

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Source: SAP

I’ve seen this slide before, and covered in in other blogs.

Source: SAP

Discovery and Designer are leveraging same technology

Designer is a further development of DS 1.6

Composites, also called reusable objects – create objects for what you want, such as KPI tile, application header, footer, publish to BI platform then every user can reuse basic component in application; lower change management; can make central changes

Mobile support – responsive layout for mobile display – only develop application once; layout is automatically adjusted – adaptive layout container

PDF enhancements; this is a new technical component; support geomaps, charts, export of chart quality is improved.  Configuration options

Charting enhancements

ESRI is a basement in 2.0; you don’t need to purchase an extra license

Clustering capabilities

Question and Answer

Q: When will be Lumira 2.x release?

A: GA is planned for early Q3 this year


Q: Will a full recording be available?

A: available from recordings page about a day after this event:


Q: Will we need to install 2 client tools for discovery & Designer?

A: yes, two clients for different user group


Q: What means offline applications in designer?

A: That means user can acquire data from BW/HANA /Excel etc. with Discovery client. data then are saved in the velocity engine on BI Platform. Designer application can reuse these offline data sources


Q: What type on connection will be there for HANA in Lumia 2.0.. HANA Online and Normal HANA connection

A: HANA online based on HTTP connection. OR acquire HANA data to velocity engine


Q: on what code line of DS 1.6 is Lumira 2.o based?

A: Lumira 2.0 is based on the design studio technology. Lumira 2.0 only supports BI Platform as deployment platform.


Q: If we’re still using DS 1.5, can we upgrade directly to Lumira 2.0? Or do we need to upgrade to DS 1.6 first?

A:  Hi, You can directly upgrade DS 1.5 to Lumira 2.0. no need to upgrade to 1.6 as the between step


Q: Will SDK Components developed for DS1.6 with m mode be compatible with Lumira 2.0?

A: yes, all extensions that are developed with DS 1.6 based on the m libraries should work in Lumira 2.0


Q: Do you mean that there will be a client tool for discovery and one for designer?

A: Lumira 2.0 contains 2 clients. one for discovery and the other for designer. You need to install 2 clients on your laptop


Q: can we install the new server component on existing design studio add on

A: you can install Lumira 2.0 BIP add-on in addition to the existing design studio add-on. Design studio 1.6 client and Lumira 2.0 designer client can be installed on your laptop parallel. And, Lumira 1.31 and Lumira 2.0 Discovery can be installed on laptop in parallel

Q: can the Lumira desktop 1.31 and 2.0 be installed on the same PC on the same time?

A: yes, clients can be installed parallel


Q: Design Studio upgrade to Lumira 2.0 is only possible for DS 1.6 or lower versions also?

A:  Lower version also possible, e.g. 1.5 release


Q: can we publish both to BI platform and execute from Launchpad?

A: discovery and designer are based on the same technology. so, the document created by discovery or designer has the same format. they can be published on the BI Platform

Q: what code line of DS 1.6 is Lumira 2.o based? DS 1.6.4 or 1.6.3?

A:  all 1.6 code line. So, all the functions are included in the SP3 or SP4, they are available with Lumira 2.0


Q: what about Lumira integration with Microsoft office products like PowerPoint?

A: Currently with Lumira 2.0 we are supporting export to PDF, not PPT.


Q: Is this Lumira 2.0 is supported for BI 4.1 platform

A: yes, BI 4.1SP7&8, BI 4.2SP3+


Q: Can we have live connection to non-sap data sources?

A: in discovery, the live connections are only BW and HANA. Other are Data acquisition /data import scenario. In designer, we can use UNX to have the live connection to the Oracle data base etc.


Q: What type of connection would be available for BW?

A: both clients are support online and offline connection with BW. All BW queries/views/infoprovider are supported as data source


Q: Does SAP Universe not have a live connection in Discovery?

A: in Discovery, not yet. in Designer yes

Q:  Does the Lumira 2.0 BIP component replace the current Design Studio 1.6 add-on & Lumira Server 1.31 components or can they exist side-by-side?

A:  yes, Lumira 2.0 add-on replaces the add-on of existing design studio add-on and Lumira 1.31 add-on. It’s not possible to run side-by-side for the add-ons. though it’s possible to run the clients side by side.


Q: Are BW/4 objects supported as a data source in Lumira 2.0? And are there any types of objects that are not accessible?

A: BW4HANA is also supported by Lumira 2.0 discovery and designer


Q: can an interaction in 1 chart impact another chart

A:  currently not possible with the discovery client with 2.0 version. You can select filter in each visualization, the whole pages or multiple pages


Q: Can we do conditional formatting on cross tab/charts

A: this should be possible. It is available now on Lumira 1.x.


Q:  Will there be new features added to the “Geo Map” visualization in SAP Lumira 2.0? For example, will flow arrows between data points be a feature?

A: Not planned for 2.0

Q: Does it support publishing on BW Platform at all?

A: on the BI platform


Q: Hi, when combining data from a live BW source and a csv file are combined, is the result then stored in-memory? Can be quite a lot with live BW data …

A:  Data is loaded onto memory only while working on the document for rest of the time it would be on filesystem


Q:  We have currently licensed DS but not Lumira. What is the license implication when upgrading to Lumira 2.x?

A: You would only be able to use Designer and BI add-on


Q: When is the exact release date for customer. We must make decision based on the release date.

A: RTC planned for Mid-April


Q: We have currently licensed DS but not Lumira. What is the license implication when upgrading to Lumira 2.x?

A: You would only be able to use Designer and BI add-on


Q: Is Lumira Discovery a recommended tool for customers running BW on non-HANA databases? Previously it was only recommended for customer running BW on HANA.

A: It is recommended tool for end user data discovery on BW, HANA, UNX and 3rd party OLTP sources


Q:  Can we exclude data preparation for users

A: will take it as a feedback, not possible in 2.0


Q: What is Lumira 2.x position in connection to BOC? Many icons look similar btw

A:  Lumira 2, x is on-prem offering and BOC is our cloud analytic solution


Q: is there any vision for integrating 2 designers under Lumira 2.0 in one tool?

A:  We would be considering to have one tool with different experience in future releases


Q:  Is SSO available for the live connection to BW in Lumira 2.0?

A:  Yes


Q: we are using Lumira 1.30 – do we need to go to Lumira 1.31 first before we migrate at Lumira 2

A: we plan to support upgrade from 1.30 onwards, so you are good


Q: Will there be a need to uninstall the old BI add ons for DS and Lumira?

A: No, you can upgrade


Q: can we download the 2.0 Lumira as trial version? and start making demos? is it available on sap support portal?

A: It’s not yet released, RTC is planned for Mid-April


Q: Can we have live connection to non-sap data sources?

A: Live connection is supported only for BW and HANA in this release


Q: if integrated to HANA (not Excel) can we also create hierarchies? Right now, only if you download the data you can create hierarchies?

A: Right, we don’t support all enrichment on live connections, plan to enhance in future release


Q: will Design Studio provide the same functionalities as Lumira (e.g. XLS as data source, Geography Hierarchies?)

A: You must use Discovery for data preparation and use prepared data in Designer


Q: You must use Discovery for data preparation and use prepared data in Designer

A:  with in memory engine embedded in tool, the limit would depend only on resources on your system


Q: keeping 2 clients separately will still be confusing to the clients, is there any vision to integrate these 2 tools in one?

A: Yes, we are considering this feedback for future releases


Q:  Does data preparation have to be done with the client

A: Yes, in Lumira 2.0. we plan to deliver it on browser in future release


Q: Do we need new licenses?

A: your existing license entitlement would be respected


Q: Is this exploration view available with all data sources?

A: All Imported data connections


Q: Will there be Commentary functionality in Lumira 2.0 with security restrictions?

A: Planned for future releases


Q: can Lumira 2.X be installed on citrix server?

A: Yes


Q: From a License and Support POV, as a current LUMIRA customer – is LUMIRA 2.0 DESIGNER version a “legal successor” for upgrades to the new client …?

A: Yes, existing license entitlement would be respected


Q: Will Lumira 2.0 Q3 release support Linux server?

A:  would support Linux with Lumira 2.0 GA


In-Depth Learning at ASUG Annual Conference


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  1. Adrian Paul

    Nice blog Tammy 🙂

    Please note, the recording of the “SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0 Preview” webinar from the Lumira Expert Series on March 29th can be found here.


  2. Jason Scanlon


    I currently have the most recent version of Lumira Designer. I cannot find the standard export application that is in Design Studio. Is this something that is coming soon in releases? I am also connected to a BI Platform, and i have no publish ability. Is this expected functionality?

    Thank you,



    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Jason, you are in Beta or Early Adopter Care; please contact your SAP point of contact for this – there should be materials available for you


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